Review Guidelines

Kill Hipsters started out as a site that aimed to not just be another cookie-cutter metal/hardcore music site and we didn’t honestly expect it to take off so quickly.

  • Reviews are scored on a .5 basis. So for example an album can be rated; 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and so on all the way up to 10.
  • First mention of album titles can optionally be bold in the review text.
  • When mentioning song titles encasing them in double quotes and italicising the text to make them stand out. Example; “Song Title”
  • Take note of the additional fields beneath the main editor (Band name, Release Type, Review Score, Tracklist) – not all of these are required but at the very minimum for a review; Album Artwork a.k.a Featured Image, Album Name, Release Type, Artist Name, Rating, Record Label and Release Date. Please choose the appropriate type for your review, if you’re reviewing an album, choose “Music” and so on.
  • A title of a review should be in the following format;
    For an album/LP: Band Name – Album Name: Album Review
    For an EP: Band Name – EP Name: EP Review(If you get confused, look at some of the other reviews on the site to see the way titles are formatted.)
  • Remember to choose the appropriate category on the right hand side, so “Reviews” for a review and so on.