Kill Hipsters is a site aimed at lovers of music, real music. So that means we write about hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, technical death metal, some indie rock and associated genres.

Why another music review / news website?

Because every single other site is the same boring, look at us we’re so serious site. They all look the same, they either look like a gossip magazine or some cheap and tacky Blogspot blog with the typical we’re so metal black background with brutal image and grey text. They obviously have never heard of accessibility, we want people to read our articles, not squint trying to distinguish text from the background.

We’re sick of the bullshit and need for websites to make money from their visitors. We won’t just post your press release on our site, we’re not robots. We’re a transparently run Australian based website that focuses on one thing and one thing only: the music. We aren’t afraid to speak our minds even if you disagree.

We’re not biased, don’t have any monetary interests to protect or strict editorial guidelines to adhere too. So you’ll most likely find our articles, reviews and everything we post is full of literary errors, grammatical errors and whatever else comes under that umbrella because we’re human and like many great rock and metal bands: we just don’t give a fuck, so fuck you and enjoy the music.

A few things…

  • We don’t claim to write well, or be the best. We just love writing about music even if our grammar isn’t correct; this is the internet, not college.
  • If it sounds good, we’ll review it.
  • We don’t care how big or small your band is. We don’t have egos, this isn’t some dick measuring contest, if your band is good, we’ll promote it and scream your name over the hills until the goats come home and Job For A Cowboy come along and perform some bloodlust sacrifice ceremony on one of them.
  • We don’t write on the weekends most of the time. We try and keep the site to a Monday to Friday type thing, weekends are when we play.

Regarding Leaks and Media/PR Lists

We do not review leaks. Every album we review has been sent to us implicitly for our opinion, those who say otherwise are obviously quite level-headed and we implore anyone to ask the following labels and PR firms about our arrangements. We are on the same media lists that the other “big shot” review sites are (well, most of them).

Our list of labels and PR firms we’ve got media agreements with include and are not limited too (I might have missed a few):

  • Rise Records
  • InVogue Records
  • Sumerian Records
  • Shock Records
  • Vagrant Records
  • Art As Catharsis
  • The Cadence PR
  • Stunt Company

Traffic Stats

If you would like any info our monthly traffic stats, please contact us via our contact page. We openly share our traffic stats to any label or PR firm interested. As of January, 2012 we get 15,000 site visitors on average a month (constantly increasing every month).