Devin Townsend’s Monthly Salary Is Only $5k

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If you’ve ever wondered how much of Devin Townsend’s stature makes per month from his career, you would probably be shocked with just how little he actually makes.

A podcast by the name of Music Business Facts recently published a podcast episode with Devin Townsend. In the episode he reveals how much he actually makes per month: $5,000.

“About five grand a month, before taxes. Sometimes you get a bonus, but a lot of it goes back in the pot because everybody’s on a salary. I get a bit more than the other guys [in the band].”

This works out to be about $60,000 per year. The kind of salary a junior developer will make not too long after graduating college.

The fact that Townsend has been in the business for a very long time proves that he loves making music. Nobody can honestly say they are in it for the money earning such a paltry monthly salary.

You have to take into consideration that Devin is at a high point in his career as well, he would have been earning considerably less for a while as he built up his following and career.

He does mention in the interview he has enough money to pay his bills and that he can’t really complain. However, it is an honest look at the realities of wanting to be a rockstar. There are so many rockers who have truly made it big in metal.