Second Soundwave Festival 2015 Lineup Coming This Afternoon

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Yes. This is finally happening. After numerous delays to the second announcement due to contract formalities and additional artists being added to the lineup, it is finally coming this afternoon (27th, November, 2014).

I guess now we will know for sure if the public talks between AJ and the band of He Is Legend being on the lineup are confirmed as well as whether or not Falling In Reverse are on the lineup as well. Seeing FIR and Escape The Fate on the same lineup could be interesting if they play at separate times, perhaps a Ronnie cameo?

Update: AJ confirms they are preparing a second announcement with a third announcement to follow before Christmas. This means that someone bands are taking longer than others to finalise, so the bands that have their paperwork in order will be in the second announcement and perhaps last minute additions and complications *cough* Falling In Reverse *cough* will be in the third announcement.

The third announcement will have some bigger named artists than the 2nd announcement supposedly waiting for the media to sober up after the ARIA Awards.