He Is Legend All But Confirmed To Play Soundwave Festival 2015?

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After a pretty decent first announcement for Soundwave Festival 2015 and delays for the forthcoming second announcement as per usual, Maddah feeds the fans crumbs, promises and broken dreams in regards to artists for the festival.

While we have not yet got our second announcement, one such band: He Is Legend are all but unofficially confirmed to play Soundwave 2015 if a slew of Tweets between AJ and He Is Legend front-man Schuylar Croom can be believed.

In an update posted on November 6th by Croom himself via Twitter he details the band are planning Soundwave Festival moves and wants to setup sidewaves.

Update. We’re alive. We’re playing Webster Hall on the 8th. Heading up to Canada. Planning @soundwavefest moves. Let’s set up Sidewaves.

On the same day, a fan Tweeted at Schuylar asking if He Is Legend are playing Soundwave, to which he responded: Working on it.

If you keep digging back, as far as October 29th is when the talks begun for He Is Legend being added to the Soundwave 2015 lineup. After a fan asked Maddah if there was a chance of He Is Legend playing the festival he responded:

They’re great and would have been on SW already if not for their management.

Schuyler responding via the band’s official Twitter account replied with the following:

Thanks man. That’s why we now manage ourselves. Would love to chat soon. My personal Twitter is @Crucialdude

And then the one Tweet that seems to all but confirm He Is Legend are playing the festival after AJ responded:

Well done for kicking those Fartery Foundation douches to the curb. Welcome to #SW15

So while nothing official has been announced yet, the delays AJ has spoken of in regards to contracts and last minute formalities could be due to the fact He Is Legend have been added to the lineup amongst a couple of other late changes for the second announcement which is expected to have around 16 artists on it.