Enter Shikari Debut New Track, “Never Let Go Of The Microscope”

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Enter Shikari have released a second single from their forthcoming album The Mindsweep, due out January 19th, 2014 titled, “Never Let Go Of The Microscope” and if you were not a fan of the first track, “The Last Garrison” then this track might appeal to you.

Listen to Never Let Go Of The Microscope below:

I found the track to be quite surprising, it had a Rage Against The Machine type feel, perhaps the rapping parts were what gave it that feel. The song starts off pretty average, but by the end when the song explodes, it definitely gets better.

This is definitely shaping up to be a completely different sounding album compared to their 2012 release A Flash Flood of Colour. It seems the Shikari clan are not content making the same album twice.