Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Reportedly Broke, Living at a Holiday Inn

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Creed vocalist Scott Stapp has posted a video on Creed’s official Facebook page proclaiming that he has fallen on hard times, that certain people are trying to ruin/discredit/stalk/kill him, he is broke and staying in a Holiday Inn and that he loves God with all his heart.

While I want to feel sorry for him, Stapp has done so many questionable things in his life, squandered away money on drug addiction, attempted to beat his wife with a glass bottle and has been embroiled in numerous altercations with the IRS who have frozen his funds multiple times.

This story reeks of bullshit. The constant smacking of his lips, the baseless and paranoid accusations that people have stolen money from him without proof, the constant mentioning of God, sober my ass. Stapp is acting like a classic drug addict.

In all seriousness, the amount of rambling in this video sounds like a classic case of drug abuse induced mental illness and Stapp probably needs to legitimately seek some help. The accusations, the paranoia that people have been following him/stalking him, that he will maintain his faith, that the IRS, friends and family are out to get him and how he keeps reiterating he is sober. There is something not right here.

Another question is: why the heck is the video weirdly cropped, in black and white and grainy? Did Jesus tell him to put an effect over the video to seem more edgy and sincere? Or did he film it on a super 8 camera? Or perhaps Stapp was simply film his Blair Witch audition tape?

I am sober you guys, I am only high on the love of our good lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

I am sober you guys, I am only high on the love of our good lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

And if Stapp is so broke, how is he able to afford to stay at a Holiday Inn? Where is he getting the money to pay the nightly rate on a place like that and also, how does he have a phone? The true definition of being penniless is having nowhere to sleep and definitely no phone. And what, he can’t afford to eat, but can afford a place to stay, a computer/internet and a mobile phone?

Cocaine and meth is one hell of a drug, someone needs to get Scott Stapp some water pronto. I guess you could say, nobody had their arms wide open for Scott Stapp.