Upon A Burning Body Vocalist Danny Leal: What publicity stunt?

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What a bunch of fucking idiots these guys are, seriously.

You might have heard recently the band Upon A Burning Body pulled a publicity stunt where they claimed their front-man Danny Leal was missing, their label Sumerian Records even posted the news adding to the credibility only for it to be revealed as some kind of sick publicity stunt.

Besides the label condemning the stunt, the band haven’t apologised or said anything about the stunt at all to their fans. Hoping that eventually if they don’t say anything, people will just forget.

This week The Metalluminati interviewed a couple of the band members, Danny Leal and Ruben Alvarez at Mayhem Festival and asked them about the stunt they pulled. Instead of answering the question, they pretended to be confused and responded, “What publicity stunt?”

See the interview for yourself below:

Now can we stop talking about this band? Until UABB apologise, they don’t deserve the support of their fans.