Dragonforce Premiere New Track “Defenders” Via Loudwire.com: 2006 Is Stoked

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I tip my hat to Dragonforce. After losing their vocalist in 2010 and then finding an even better vocalist in the form of Marc Hudson, the guys entered the studio shortly after to record their previous release The Power Within, the bands upcoming album Maximum Overload and follow-up is due out August 19th, 2014 via Metal Blade Records.

The band have released the second official single from the upcoming album titled “Defenders”. The track starts off rather promising, but then it falls down a well shortly after sounding like a stereotypical Dragonforce. Herman Li is at it again with lots of dive bombs, video game sounding duelling solos between himself and Sam Totman. The thrash riffing at the start sounds the least Dragonforce-y and it sounds great, then the cliche lyrics about fighting, holding on and destinies come in and the song sounds like every Dragonforce song ever written.

Every solo these guys write seriously just sounds like “Through The Fire And Flames” which most Guitar Hero players will know quite well. Would it kill Herman and Sam to write something different for once? They’re undeniably great guitarists, but it’s no longer impressive any more.

The stand-out on what we’ve heard thus far is vocalist Marc Hudson. This guy has a crazy range in his voice and quite good control, I’d argue his potential is being wasted in Dragonforce, but what would I know?

Listen to Defenders here on Loudwire and form your own opinion. All I know is, 2006 is stoked for new Dragonforce…