Peaches Geldof Unexpectedly Dies At Age 25

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Daughter of rocker turned humanitarian Sir Bob Geldof and daughter of late Paula Yates: Peaches Geldof has died at the age of 25 in what police are calling sudden and unexpected.

She is married to musician Thomas Cohen and leaves behind two young children Astala & Phaedy. Which makes the situation all the more sadder.

Peaches had only just recently moved into a new house with her husband and kids as well as bought a Newfoundland family dog. What makes the situation more weird is she uploaded a video to Instagram the day before her death (those who follow her will know she was very active on Instagram and obviously loved her kids very much) as well as posting a photo of her and her mum Paula Yates who died of a drug overdose years ago when peaches was younger.


Did Peaches secretly have a drug problem? She seemed to care a lot about her family, so it’ll be a huge shock if revealed to be an overdose. She was also known to have thyroid problems as well which also could be somehow related.

We will keep you updated on the situation.