For The Fallen Dreams — Heavy Hearts: Album Review

Founding vocalist Chad returns for the bands latest full-length, but is it enough?

For The Fallen Dreams — Heavy Hearts: Album Review

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After an interesting wave of line-up changes and events which saw the return of founding vocalist Chad Ruhlig, the guys are back with their latest full-length entitled Heavy Hearts.

In the lead up to the release of Heavy Hearts the band like many other bands before them proclaimed how they were going back to their roots. It’s rare that a band says this and actually follows through with its promise like For The Fallen Dreams have on their latest effort.

I really hate to be “that guy” but earlier albums Changes and Relentless are easily some of the best material the band has ever put out. Nothing since Relentless has really been up-to-scratch: until now.

The return of Ruhlig has reinvigorated the band in many ways. The clean vocals the band have grown to become reliant upon the last couple of albums and copped a lot of backlash over rarely make an appearance this time around. The band have well and truly gone back to the start, the sound that made them known and built them a fan-base.

Production wise Heavy Hearts sounds eerily reminiscent of the debut Changes (the first and last record Chad featured on as vocalist). It honestly sounds like Ruhlig never left the band, getting right back intro the groove rather easily.

Instrumentation wise, the record is meat and potatoes. You know what you’re going to get, it is a pretty standard For The Fallen Dreams fare; chugging, infectious melodic grooves, breakdowns and Ruhligs trademark guttural spoken/scream word vocal style.

I honestly thought For The Fallen Dreams had fallen off the wagon, but Heavy Hearts is a solid return to form for the band. If Chad is well and truly back in the band, the bands next full-length will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.