The Black Keys Release Second Single From Upcoming Album, “Turn Blue”

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After releasing their first single “Fever” only a few weeks ago, The Black Keys have released another track, this time in the form of title track, “Turn Blue” the same name as their highly anticipated upcoming album.

I don’t want to sound like an elitist, but it sounds like The Black Keys are going for a more polished and highly produced sound which after El Camino kind of leaves me feeling disappointed.

I much prefer the dirty blues, unrefined sound The Black Keys have had in the past. Even their breakout track, Lonely Boy sounded lo-fi and under-produced when in reality it was probably given the compression treatment twice over.

So far I am not impressed with what the guys have released. Good on them for pushing their sound in a new direction and trying something different, but they’re starting to sound like a generic indie rock band like Arcade Fire on the last two tracks they released.