Rise Records Signs Exotype: Universe Implodes

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Wow. Just wow.

Rise Records has announced they’ve signed for-the-bros/electronic/lame core band Exotype to their label.

The band have released a track titled, “Nanovirus” and if you can make it to the end, I hear the Queen will send you her condolences in the form of an official letter.

You might be asking yourself why God why? but then soon realise that Rise Records signed these guys and they’re not a real label.

Apparently this band has enough talent to muster up an entire full-length album which they’re currently recording, not that anyone will buy it anyway.

If you like this track and this band, please neck yourself and fuck you.

  • AJ AJ AJ

    yup, i liked it. stay mad.

  • Steven McCorry

    Yeah this is good stuff idk what you’re talking about. But then again, I do vocals for the band. bahahaha <–that's my laughing all the way to the bank laugh