Emmure Announce Eternal Enemies Pre-orders: Bros In The Pit Are Psyched

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Open string chugging, drop-tuned, bro-metal band Emmure have announced pre-order packages for their upcoming and originally titled album Eternal Enemies.

In the words of the press release:

Various Eternal Enemies packages, starting at $22.00, include your choice of limited edition colored vinyl or CD, exclusive Enemy Lines DVD, t-shirts, crewneck, hoodie, beanie, bandana, 3’ x 5’ flag and more.

So while you and your bros are two-stepping to the sounds of Emmure, you can now wear your Emmure crewneck, hoodie, beanie and of course bandana while you’re in the put “ripping shit up”

I’m a little disappointed there’s no pre-order package you can buy where one of the perks you get is Emmure promising never to release a new album or play a show ever again. Now that’s a pre-order package I would buy!

Eternal Enemies will be in-stores and available digitally everywhere April 15th, 2014.

  • AJ AJ AJ

    it sounds as though you are mad. take a breather, count to 10, and get a better music taste.