Sumerian Weirdly Announce They’ve Dropped Capture The Crown

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You don’t often hear of labels announcing they’ve dropped a band, but Sumerian Records have done just that by announcing on their Facebook they’ve dropped Australian band Capture The Crown known for sounding like Asking Alexandria.

Weeks ago we announced we would be dropping a band. Everyone at Sumerian puts incredible amounts of time, energy and passion in to every band we work with and it’s important that as we continue to grow, we have that same fire burning for each artist on the roster. We are now ready to let you know that we will be parting ways with Capture The Crown due to musical/creative differences. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

This is probably the best decision Sumerian have made, getting out while they still can I assume. CTC were most likely always a cash-grab and once the buzz died down, they had nothing left to offer the label.