GTA V For PC Is Coming

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The corporate fat-cats over at Rockstar have made an incredibly large amount of money off of Grand Theft Auto V for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, but there has been no mention of GTA V for PC. People need to seriously settle down, a PC version is inevitable for Grand Theft Auto Five.

Remember What Happened With The GTA IV Port?

When Grand Theft Auto IV made its way to PC, it was a hunk of shit. It was buggy, unplayable and above all one of the worse ports in the history of mankind since World War 2 warships docked at allied force shipping ports only for it to be revealed the boat was actually the enemy disguised as an ally.

Maybe, just maybe this time around we’ll get a version of GTA V that isn’t just a half-assed port. Hopefully Rockstar have made sure the code-base was fairly consistent and built in a way that both games mirror each other without requiring a major rewrite.

You have to remember console games are developed on PC’s, but the game itself is built with resource limitations of the console in mind and for a different environment. It’s not a matter of simply remapping key maps.

But, What About Red Dead Redemption Not Being Ported To PC?

Lets get some things straight here. Red Dead Redemption was developed by Rockstar North in collaboration with Rockstar San Diego. Apparently the code-base was so bad it would have required a major rewrite to develop a PC version and not to mention while Red Dead Redemption was a big game, it by no means had the same sized audience that GTA has.

It would have been a massive waste of time and resources if they had developed a PC version of Red Dead Redemption. GTA V was also in full-swing development at that stage, so nobody would have risked devoting resources to a PC port.

It is also worth pointing out not only has every major Grand Theft Auto game come out for PC, but with exception for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar North have never developed a game that hasn’t come out for PC as well.

Reasonable Logic

Perhaps to stem the influx of hate and bad publicity of another rushed and botched port, instead of handing over the porting responsibilities to Rockstar Toronto (who did the GTA IV port) maybe this time around Rockstar North are handling all platform development.

Handling all platforms in-house would be a big deal for Rockstar North, but it would ensure the code-base is of a higher standard and people already familiar with XBOX and Playstation versions would be helping out. This would explain a delay in announcing the title.

The Advantage of PC Mods

As witnessed with Skyrim, the PC community are the most passionate about gaming when it comes to modding. Lo0k what was achieved with GTA IV? There were some crazy mods that came out for that including the real life mod which bumped up visual details greatly.

The modding community is like free market research for companies like Rockstar. Seeing what modders release and what fans react to is priceless and costs the company nothing. They sit back and watch, taking notes and then release DLC packs mimicking modded content.

No GTA V For PC In 2013

We are nearing Christmas and while next-gen consoles go on sale right before the busiest retail period of the year, it would be stupid to think that a PC version will be out this year. Rockstar will sell many more units of GTA V for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 during the Christmas period.

We can’t also forget that many budget conscious parents will be buying the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles heavily discounted at Christmas time as well. Those consoles aren’t dead and further sales will add to Rockstar’s already bulging pockets.

An Announcement This Year…?

When next-gen consoles XBOX One and Playstation 4 are released in November, we can hopefully expect a Rockstar announcement for next-gen versions of GTA V as well as a PC version perhaps for a February/March 2014 release period.

The great thing about next-gen consoles is that they apparently function just like computers with propriety operating systems and locked hardware.  Which means the gap between next-gen releases and PC versions will be shorter and porting will be easier (if porting is even needed).

Apparently from what I’ve heard and read, developing for a next-gen console is like developing for PC albeit with lesser powerful specs. It’s an exciting time for PC and console gaming, so sit back and relax, GTA V for PC is definitely coming.