A Day To Remember vs Victory Records Court Case Postponed

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Band members of A Day To Remember were set to meet their label-in-limbo Victory Records today in court that would decide whether or not fans would get to hear their new album Common Courtesy which is meant to hit stores October 8th, 2013. The court case apparently has been postponed without a new date set just yet.

While we have no news on the subject yet, it remains to be seen whether or not an album that has seen endless delays will be released on October the 8th, but we’ll keep you updated. The situation is one massive cluster-fuck it would seem and it’s not clear why the case was postponed, whether it was Victory Records, the court or the band themselves.

There is a possibility the court case has been postponed because Victory Records have reconciled and reached an agreement with the band and settled outside of court. This might explain why no new date was set, perhaps the lawyers are talking and working something out as this must be very expensive for the band to fund and time consuming.

The basis of the lawsuit of which we have to remember the band themselves brought against the label argues they fufilled their 5 record contract obligation with the label. If you break down each release in Victory’s catalogue, each Victory release gets a new catalogue number you can see they have 7 records for sale on the site.

For Those Who Have a Heart (Catalog #VR337)
For Those Who Have a Heart Reissue (Catalog #VR443)
Homesick (Catalog #VR448)
Old Record (Catalog #VR494)
Homesick Reissue (Catalog #VR550)
Attack of the Killer B-sides (Catalog #VR570)
What Separates Me From You (Catalog #VR603)

While we can’t speculate on the wording of the original contract of which the band signed, it does appear the band have released seven records via the label. But whether or not Attack Of The Killer B-sides or Old Record count as releases is up for debate.