Stray From The Path – Anonymous

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Believe it or not this is Stray From The Path’s seventh full-length album release. Ironically for an album that catapulted them to the forefront before it was even released, they’ve titled it Anonymous.

There is a good chance if you’re reading this you’re a fan of the band and eager to see where they went to on Anonymous: they went everywhere. From the first lines in album opener False Flag, “F. E. A. Are you listening,” Andrew Dijorio makes his presence felt with his fuck the establishment punk-rock esque lyrics and angsty vocals.

Anonymous is a hard album to pinpoint, while it definitely is a hardcore album at its core, there are so many different adjacent pieces that make up this album. While the record could have gone both ways, they’ve managed to pull off a hardcore record with Rage Against The Machine esque hip-hop vocals, raps, screeches and groove-filled rhythm sections.

Track, “Badge & A Bullet” starts off with that trademark Tom Morello of RATM pitch-bending and angsty vocals, before exploding into a heavy and much more original verse and chorus sections. This is probably one of my favourites early on in the record.

As good as this record is, it kind of hits a low point in the form of track “Counting Sheep” which is about TwitterDijorio  is going on about hastags and retweets, this track is definitely one you might want to skip. It feels more filler than substance. Seriously, what the fuck was Andrew Dijorio smoking when he wrote this?

There are some other questionable moments on the record I won’t get into, but overall Anonymous is a refreshing take on the hardcore genre and the exact opposite of what others have been putting out, not to mention the production is pretty damn stellar.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.