A Day To Remember Speak Up About Victory Records Lawsuit, Prove They’re Not A Bunch Of Pussies

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Everyone has been speculating about A Day To Remember’s ongoing lawsuit with Victory Records as well as how the new album came to be and why it has taken almost 3 years to release new music. Well, finally the band have shown they have some balls and have addressed the criticism and theories in this exclusive interview with Alt Press, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon sets the record straight.

When asked for details about how the new record will be released Jeremy had this to say:

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know. I see all over the internet and music sites, people are saying, “Oh, this is going to ruin their career, there’s no preorder up, they’re stupid, they’ll never be the big band they could have been,” etc. How about this: I’m not going to allow someone to sit on my career and ruin what may be our best album for people. Fans want our music.

And he then went on to say:

We self-funded this album. We built a studio in my house because we weren’t given our allowance for this album. We’re in a lawsuit. [Victory Records owner Tony Brummel] owes us a lot of money, and he stopped paying us what he owed us. We were completely cut off. We were off of the road for almost a year straight. Think about what that would do to you, if you were out of a job for a year and bleeding money because you were spending tons of money on building a studio. You’re also putting all these people to work to make this record with you—and it lasted for eight months. That’s not cheap. We paid for all of this out of our pocket. Then there is this guy sitting somewhere who is just trying to ruin our career.

we announced an album title a year ago and people were excited. I completely understand why, because I was excited too. I knew the album title and I said it one night at a show, so it spread. On top of that, we did that countdown on our website. I thought it was clear because it said we were still recording. I didn’t think people would assume that we were actually putting out the album. We gave out the song “Violence” for free because of how long it took, and people wanted new music. The record wasn’t even halfway recorded then. I’m not kidding you, “Violence” is not even a mixed version of that song. We just put it out: We wanted people to be happy. Everybody assumed from there that because we put out a single, the record would be coming out within a month or so. That was never the plan. We just wanted to give them new music for waiting. Everybody took it so wrong, and it kind of sucked.

The only thing that concerns us from this in-depth interview is that this could be the last A Day To Remember album we hear depending on the court case. It actually sounds like ADTR are owed money by Victory, whether it plays out their way in the court room remains to be seen.