Breaking Bad: All Bad Things Must Come To An End

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As you read this, the last ever episode of Breaking Bad is airing or would have already aired. Tonight we hopefully get the answers we’ve been seeking since the inception of the show as well as tidied up plot-lines. You won’t find any spoilers in this post, and out of respect for others, please keep refrain from spoiling the episode for everyone until everyone has seen it.

We will have a Breaking Bad debrief up on the site in the coming days that will round every little fact up and explain what means what, why what happened and the final body count.

We have enjoyed Breaking Bad and while we don’t want it to end, we are glad it is ending on its own terms and not because the network cancelled it due to declining ratings. This show will increase in popularity in the years to come, it has yet to reach its peak audience so hopefully the boxset sales make Vince Gilligan and co a lot of money, they deserve it.