Apparently Victory Records Are Planning, “The End”

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Victory Records sent out a strange and ambiguous email today with a link to a video entitled: The Beginning Of The End On October 8th.

While we would all love to speculate the news is Tony Brummel is leaving Victory Records or something much better that Victory Records are closing down. Considering they just signed Emmure, the possibility of them shutting up shop is low and the news is most likely Emmure related.

There is also the possibility the news is about A Day To Remember who have an ongoing court case with Victory Records. Mabe they’ve settled with the label, reconciled and are resigning? Or maybe ADTR won the court case, had to pay out a lot of money to the guys and are announcing that ADTR now owns the label.

Perhaps it is a coincidence this news coincides with the release of Day To Remember’s highly anticipated album Common Courtesy. Could this be ADTR news? Or are Victory Records just deliberately trying to sabotage the release of Common Courtesy?

We can only dream… But as we said, don’t get too excited, it’s probably Emmure related news.