Review & Recap: Breaking Bad Final Mid-Season Premiere “Blood Money”

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The greatest drama TV show of all time Breaking Bad returned with part 2 of season five, the episode aptly titled, “Blood Money” and packed a lot of punch in the one episode.

Here are things we’ve learned from the season finale premiere.

1. Hank knows Walt is Heisenberg and he is pissed

There are so many ways this could have gone, but it’s official: Hank has discovered who Walt really is after finding the Walt Whitman book in the White’s bathroom at the end of season 5 part one.

Although Hank has no affirmative proof Walt is the meth-mastermind, he will no doubt be looking in every case file he has, interviewing suspects and looking for that crucial piece of evidence to put as he put it, “Walt beneath the prison”. The scene towards the end where Hank punches Walt in the face and Walt delivers another chillingly iconic line, “If that’s true — if you don’t know who I am — then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly”

2. The Cancer Has Returned

Evident by seeing Walt on an IV drip, vomiting in the toilet and popping his cancer pills as well as telling Hank that the cancer has returned and he has six months, the cancer has returned. Will it be the death of Walter or will someone else?

3. Everyone else finds out who he really is

Although we don’t get to see news reports or even anyone else learning of Walters real identity, the grafiti on the wall in their abandoned house that says, “HEISENBERG” in large letters as well as the neighbours reaction when she sees Walter has returned and drops a bag of oranges which could be tipping its hat off to The Godfather a little bit and signifying Walter is about to die. It seems everyone else eventually finds out his real identity.

4. The Ricin Is Still On The Cards

The use of the ricin has been teased and teased throughout numerous episodes and going as far back as crazed drug-lord Tuco when Jesse and Walt were planning on poisoning him. You might recall Walt hid the ricin in a power point and in the opener when we see Walt return to the house he’s there to recover the ricin which is still behind the power point.

Walt is either planning on killing Hank, someone else or even himself with the ricin. I think a more sick and Heisenberg like situation could be he uses it to poison the entire police station, killing Hank and everyone else inside.

5. Lydia And Her Contacts Aren’t Done With Walt

When Lydia of Madrigal who has been running the mega-meth distribution business Walt was once at the helm of comes to visit Walt at the car wash, she reveals the purity of the meth has dropped to 68% purity which means someone else (most likely meth damon, Todd) is now cooking the meth. Lydia has a lot to lose here and it’s obvious she’ll try and get Walt back in the game at all costs.This isn’t the last we’ll see of Lydia. Walt tells Lydia to have an A1 day and Skyler goes full bitch mode on her once she questions Walt about her.

6. Badger Is An Underrated Comical Genius: The Star Trek Story Is A Metaphor

The Star Trek pie eating contest script he acts out in-front of Skinny Pete is priceless. Badger is definitely one of my favourite characters in the show, are we forgetting the debate he and Pete were having in the last season about which video game has the best zombies?

Vince Gilligan isn’t knowing for padding out the show with useless scenes. Everything you see in Breaking Bad matters somehow and even though many will dismiss the Star Trek pie eating story as just another meth-high rambling, could the story offer insight into Breaking Bad itself? The part where Chekov is revealed to have had his guts transported into space and he coughs up blood, could that relate to Walters cancer (we see him cough up blood) or a metaphor for someone getting shot in the stomach (having their guts blown out and dying?).

7. Jesse Is Falling Apart

Jesse from being excited about science and magnets to sulking and acting depressed after the slew of deaths including kid Drew Sharpe. But that was all in the past Jesse, Walter proclaims as he tries to get Jesse to move on. Sure, we shot that kid and melted his remains and bike in a vat of acid never to be heard from or seen again, but we have to put it behind us. Have an A1 day!

Jesse then towards the end of the episode can be seen driving down the street at night throwing handfuls of cash out of the window, some of it landing in trees and drains. I wish the drug dealers in my area were that kind. His eyes red and welled up in sadness, Aaron Paul is such a good actor you actually feel sorry for him. Jesse could be the key piece Hank needs to bring Walter down, will Hank offer Jesse the way out he so desperately wants in exchange for handing Walter on a silver plate?

While a Walt and Hank showdown is likely, the premiere episode where Hank closes his garage door could most likely be the showdown we were promised and the ending showdown is actually Walt and Jesse which many wouldn’t see coming.