Outrage Over Sleeping With Sirens’ $80 Polaroid Package

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Wow, I haven’t seen a shit-storm like this since Tim Lambesis was arrested for soliciting an undercover police hitman to kill his wife. Front-man Kellin Quinn has been receiving a steady flow of hate from fans, people who aren’t fans and even people in other bands (prominently Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) over the package.

All of the controversy has been addressed by Kellin in a long Tweet listing the perks and telling people they aren’t being forced to buy it, which is true. Fans aren’t being told they’re not allowed to see the band if they don’t pay the $80, general admission tickets are still available for purchase.

My response

I feel like this is an amazing deal for 80 dollars if you disagree then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you k?

“Autographed Polaroid photo with Kellin
Group Q&A session with Kellin
Signing Session With Sleeping With Sirens
Large Double-Sided Autographed Poster
Early Entry Into The “Feel This” Tour
General admission ticket to the “Feel This” tour”

keep in mind Polaroid film is super expensive, your getting the ticket to the show, you get front row over anyone else.. If you only want to pay general admission then just do that. However, if you do like the idea of doing all these things included.. It’s ONLY 80 dollars.. I would never charge someone money for just a picture with me.. I try and do anything and everything for my fans.. I do in fact have a family, and that family needs to be fed.. So thanks for supporting us and helping me continue to tour.. Without you there is no us! Love you Kellin

So while people like Oli Sykes call out Kellin I think his response is decent. For $80 that’s a pretty damn good price, here in Australia you’ll pay close to $80 to see bands of Sleeping With Sirens’ stature for general admission.

People love to bitch and moan, overreact and act high and mighty but in the music industry you’ve got to think of ways to pay your bills, being signed to a label doesn’t guarantee a life of riches, you’ve got to hustle to feed your family.