The Miley Cyrus “Virus”: A Calculated Money Making Machine

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Lets be blatantly clear here. Miley Cyrus can’t sing, she’s unattractive and when she talks you get the urge to punch cute kittens in the face. But make no mistake Miley Cyrus is a money making robot hell-bent on taking every last cent from the pockets of the vulnerable youth who idolise this redneck singer.

While we could argue Miley Cyrus is a cancer on the asshole of the world, we have a sneaking suspicion you are already well aware of this fact. The Internet is a buzz with her latest money making stunt at the VMA’s in which she pranced around scantly clad, scarring people for life in the process, angering parent groups all while her royalties increased ten-fold.

She’s not crazy, she’s a redneck, but a redneck who knows how to take advantage of the stupidity of the world. A calculated business girl-woman who through controversy knows better than anyone else, any publicity is good publicity. and good publicity is good business when you’re trying to push merch, record sales and tickets to your shows.

So while many will speculate Miley has lost the plot, she’s going off the rails and doing a Britney Spears, you are being deceived if you can’t see all of her public actions are very much deliberate. On BBC News her VMA performance was the number one story of the day, beating the controversial and much more serious story of the US being revealed to have helped Saddam Hussein poison people using nerve gas.

So while we hate Miley, props to her money making stunts. Look out for our controversial performance coming up soon, we’ve got to pay the server bills somehow.

  • Rizzle01

    While I agree about Miley being a money machine, before she cut her hair I considered her very attractive. Some of her songs are highly infectious and I listen to Death Metal/Core.