Ex Downtown Fiction Drummer Eric Jones Talks Reality of Signing To A Label

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Former drummer of The Downtown Fiction has posted a nice and insightful blog post about the misconceptions and reality of signing to a record label.

If you are currently in a band and have hopes of being signed, Eric gives some great advice in this blog post you should definitely read. Check out the blog post here.

I think a big misconception amongst young bands is that signing to a label is the end-all be-all. That it is the pinnacle of your career. But here’s the truth: at best, it’s a platform to build off of. I wish someone would’ve told that to me when I had first signed. I hate to say it, but I got a little lazy. The entire band did. We waited for the label to make us rich and famous, as if the label could churn out the hits, put a few 0’s in our bank accounts, and afford me my mansion in Bali.