Dustin Kensrue, “The Water & The Blood” Track Listing & Artwork

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The artwork and tracklisting for Dustin Kensrue’s forthcoming album, The Water & The Blood has been revealed via Amazon and it’s not looking very promising. While I personally have nothing against religion, this looks like a worship album and that, “Mars Hill Music Presents” above Dustin’s name makes my stomach turn.

Nonetheless, it’s new Dustin Kensrue music and if the tracks are good then we might not have anything to worry about. However, if the album is preachy, I would feel uncomfortable as a person who doesn’t affiliate with a particular religion playing it in my car or in public.

Even more surprising is the absence of track, “Of Crows & Crowns” which dustin was playing live as far back as 2012. I respect the faith of others, but a preachy album is not something I would personally buy…

The Water & The Blood Tracklist:

1. Rejoice
2. Rock of Ages
3. Suffering Servant
4. My One Comfort
5. God Is Good
6. Grace Alone
7. The Voice of the Lord
8. It’s Not Enough
9. Come Lord Jesus
10. Oh God
11. It Is Finished