A Day To Remember Finally Announces “Common Courtesy” Release Date

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You can hear the collective finally being exclaimed by A Day To Remember fans. The album apparently has been mixed and mastered for some time now, but up until today we’ve had no solid release date.

Common Courtesy will be released on October 8th, 2013. In the mean time, check out the awesome web series the band have created about the creation of the record, it’s pretty damn clever. But no song clips or footage of the band doing anything in the actual studio just yet, just lots of jokes about how long the album has taken.

17 months after the album was originally announced, it better be a pretty damn good album. The expectations for this thing are higher than Robert Downey Jr in a desert rave. The pressure ADTR have is immense. It’ll be interesting to see who puts this record out, I doubt it’ll be Victory after their battle but it’s still possible.

Common Courtesy Studio Update: Episode 1