Breaking Bad, Season 5: Part Two — The Pieces

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No other TV show has captured an audience quite like Breaking Bad has (except maybe Lost and we all know how that ended, motherfuckers), while many speculate as to how it could end, there are a few theories about how the show could theoretically end. While I don’t particularly want to get into details there are pieces in the show that could point to the end.

  • Walt Junior (Flynn) — In season 4 we started to see Walt Junior come alive and become more relevant, before season 4 Walt Junior was nothing more than an extra that ate breakfast. I think we are going to see Walt Junior play host to some bigger and important scenes in part 2 of season 5. Does Walt Junior die? Does he try some of Heisenberg’s product and become an addict? Does Walt Junior kill his own dad or kill Hank? Does Walt Junior take over the family business? We haven’t seen the last of Walt Junior, as Vince Gilligan said so himself, nothing in the show is irrelevant to the story line.
  • Hank — The end of part one where the scene ended with Hank making the discovery on the toilet, he has some big decisions to make. He can’t bring Walt in because not only is he family, but Walt and Skyler paid for Hank’s therapy and medical bills using the meth money, you could say Hank is an unknowing accessory to Walt’s meth empire. Does Hank kill Walter White, does he help Walter escape, does he want a cut of the operation? I think one thing is for certain, Hank will be pissed off.
  • Jesse — Walter has a new assistant now since he had a falling out with Jesse. Jesse I think by now has come to see Walter for what he really is: an emotionless murderer. Is Jesse the final piece? Does Jesse die? Will Jesse kill Walter, Walt Junior or Hank? We haven’t seen the last of Jesse just yet.
  • The ricin behind the power point — Ever since cooking up the ricin for Jesse to kill Gus with, we’ve seen it come out and never get used. Does someone find the ricin? Maybe Walt Junior or perhaps a more twisted turn of fate and Walters infant daughter finds the ricin and dies? Does Walt kill himself using the ricin? Does Skyler kill herself, Walt Junior or perhaps Walter uses it to kill Hank.
  • Skyler — She has become an ticking emotional time bomb, but a lot more ballsy. Skyler could be the key to the end, does she die or does Skyler kill everyone around her and keep the money for herself?
  • Lydia — Little miss Madrigal is still alive and well. Are we forgetting she is responsible for the methylamine in season 5? We see her setup an elaborate distribution network where Walt’s product is being shipped to other countries. If he leaves, will she let him and because of her family, there aren’t many things she wouldn’t do (she tried to have Mike killed remember?). Lydia is a very capable person that has the contacts, the money and the  knowledge to do whatever she wants. It’s hard to say if she’ll make another appearance, but surely she’ll be wondering where all that meth is she’s promised to her overseas friends?
  • Todd — Vamonos Pest Control worker turned Jesse replacement. Walt teaches him to cook the formula and he catches on quick, he most likely knows the recipe quite well now and might even be able to reach the same purity as Walter, could he take over and could we see more of him? He seems loyal, but easily persuaded.
  • Saul Goodman — While the odds of Saul dying are very slim because of the imminent green-lighting of the Saul Goodman spin-off series, what if the Saul Goodman series is a prequel to Breaking Bad? It wouldn’t matter if he died, it could be years before he got involved with Mike, Gus, Walter and Jesse.

However it ends, it’s going to be good and everyone cannot wait. How do you think it ends? Are any pieces missing from the puzzle above and do you have any theories?