Our GTA V Online Multiplayer Wishlist

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Grand Theft Auto V is almost upon us on console and hopefully we are surprised with a PC release date as well, it’s no surprise there is going to be an awesome multiplayer mode (as the trailer very briefly showed). And while Grand Theft Auto IV had decent multiplayer, it got boring very quickly. So we’ve compiled a list of online multiplayer changes we’d love to see made a reality to keep the game interesting.

1. Extensive online modding functionality

Even if this were just in single player and later on added to multiplayer that would be still awesome. Having the ability to customise vehicles and weapons for online use would make for an interesting dynamic. Being able to have a golden handgun, decals on your cars, different sized rims, bonnet scoops, bullet-proof glass and tires and other kinds of interesting and different mod combinations would make for an interesting online environment.

2. A bounty system / Open World deathmatch

The newer city size in GTA V apparently is bigger than any GTA city we’ve seen thus far. A great idea would be to have a bounty system, players are able to have kill streaks that extend throughout the multiplayer universe and the longer they are uncaught for, the higher the bounty is for finding and killing said person. This would be great if no matter what game you enter, your bounty follows along with you.

3. Ability to enter more buildings / More realism

The trailer gave us a very vague look at someone watching the world go by them from an apartment window that looked fairly high up. Hopefully this means more buildings are enterable meaning you can hide inside of them. One aspect I found lacking in the realism department (at least online) in GTA IV was buildings you could enter had no people inside of them.

Imagine entering a building, being wanted by the police and the people inside calling the police on you, CCTV footage being used to find you. This would be great for online as well, more places to hide would make the game more interesting and exciting and not limited to roads and a few key buildings.

4. Destroyable environment

Lets face it (especially in Free Mode) you just want to drive around, explore and blow stuff up. One aspect I’ve always disliked about GTA and especially the online component is lack of destroyable environment. If I fire a rocket at a building, it should take a chunk out of it, windows should blow and glass should shower below. The debris should also do damage, glass cuts you, bricks and metal beams landing on you, antenna towers falling and damaging other buildings.

If there is a fire from an exploding car near some trees, those trees should catch on fire. If I crash a car, it should leak oil, fuel and other fluids onto the road creating a hazard not only for yourself but for others around you. If I drive into a tree I shouldn’t just stop, that tree should be damage or uprooted and if it were to fall and hit another tree or person, it should cause damage.

Natural disasters like Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and thunder storms. These natural disasters would have various realistic effects from damage, to death, to chaos and more.

5. Bring back the flamethrower

I spent many of my early teenage years playing the earlier versions of GTA, burning people will the flamethrower as they got off the train. A flamethrower would be a fun addition to multiplayer and single player as well.

6. New game mode: Zombie Mode

You can’t deny this wouldn’t be fun as hell. Knocking off zombies with various weapons and varying levels of difficulty. Extreme zombie mode would be starting off without any weapons other than your fists and having to use whatever you find to fend off the zombies and eventually finding a gun.

7. New game mode: Demolition Derby

Being able to smash into other online players, driving over ramps and causing chaos in a demolition derby ring to be the last one standing would be a great mode to have. It would be a nice change from deathmatch or racing modes.

8. New game mode: Bank Heist

Pretty self-explanatory, one team has to pull off heists of varying difficulty (climbing up a building, picking locks, cracking safes) and the other team has to stop it taking place / hunt down the criminals. An interesting dynamic would be police can’t kill hostages and have to tactfully sneak into the bank or wherever the heist is taking. This would prevent spray-and-pray happening.

9. Playable mini games in multiplayer / compete against other players

Multiplayer shouldn’t just be about killing, stealing and committing crime. As many free mode gamers know, finding cool ramps and jumps, parachuting off buildings, flying around in jets, bus trips and whatnot is fun. The screenshots and trailers show activities like golf, imagine being able to play a round of golf in multiplayer? Being able to play darts in a seedy bar, diving, fishing, bowling…

10. Gangs / Posse’s

Apparently if rumours and various sources are to be believed, in GTA V clans are making a comeback. In combination with the ability to buy property and defend territory, this could make for very interesting online play. Imagine having an all out war with another clan/gang? Factor in gang activities like drug trafficking, money laundering and you’ve got an interesting multiplayer component.

11. Functional transport

Just because you are playing online shouldn’t mean you can’t get on the subway, a tram, a bus, a ferry or plane. This would make it more interesting, especially if you allow said transportation modes to be hijacked and seeing how police/swat teams handle the situation.