An Interview With Nathan Zorn of Fall City Fall

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Recently we got to ask one of two vocalists of Fall City Fall, Nathan Zorn some questions about the band, the new album and being recently signed to major label Victory Records.

Q. First, how are you guys going not just band-wise but personally as well?

We are all doing well, busy with work and promoting “Victus”, just kind of mentally adjusting to being signed. All in all, we are doing well.

Q. You guys have an upcoming album entitled Victus coming out January 22, 2013 what can we expect from Victus? How was the recording and writing process for the band?

When we began writing Victus, we knew we wanted to up the anti from 1629, so we asked our selves ” How can we take this to the next level?”. Victus is essentially a roller-coaster ride through all the darkest parts of our minds that we never want to confront and/or face. The kind of things we choose to sweep under the rug and let lie. It’s a lot more personal lyrically and I think that people who listen to it start to finish, regardless of what kind of music they are into, will connect with it in some way.

When we recorded it we had a lot of fun and did a lot of experimenting with our good friend, Stu McKillop ( Rain City Recorders) in Vancouver, BC. He would really push us to our limits and make us really “feel” what we were doing to really achieve the honesty we were trying to capture.

Q. If you weren’t in Fall City Fall, what would you be doing right now?

I would would be doing something in music for sure, maybe teaching.

Q. How does Victus differ from 1629?

1629 was more of a “scary movie in music form”. It was all based on our experiences that we had during our time living in a house that we had moved into to write the album. Victus is the story of Keenan and Nathan’s (vocalists) 22 years of life experience that has ultimately led them to where they are today. It is very raw, graphic, intense and honest.

Q. Without a doubt one of my favourite tracks on your Dead Saints EP is, “Funeralationship” what inspired this song and can we expect any tracks with a similar vibe on Victus?

Funeralationship is all about my (Nathan Zorn) past relationship with a former girlfriend from a few years back. She was really emotionally and physically abusive and basically had me “trapped” in a relationship that seemingly had no way out. There are a few tracks on Victus that have a similar vibe and actually share some of the same lyrical themes as Funeral. Funeralationship was originally supposed to be on Victus but the piano at the studio at the time was out of tune and we just didn’t have the time to record it.

Q. What is Fall City Fall’s stance on piracy? Does it help or hinder bands?

I think it is a two way street and it really depends on what the bands intentions are. If a band is just being a band to make money and get famous, etc., then it is for sure hindering them. However, if you are in a band to just have fun and you don’t care about making money and it is just a hobby, then I don’t see the harm in sharing it with as many people as possible for no charge.

Q. What is your favourite song as a band to play live, and what is your least favourite and why?

They are all fun to play live!

Q. What’s your opinion on the state of hardcore, or music in general at the moment?

I (Nathan Zorn) have been going to hardcore shows for almost 10 years now. I have had the opportunity to see many different scenes from all over and it is very interesting to see the difference in culture from city to city. I wouldn’t call it a “state” but more so that “scenes” in general pass through phases of trends of what is cool and what isn’t. In our home town of Calgary especially, in 2006 “breakdowns” and “metalcore” was huge in the underground local scene.

Fast forward a few years and those EXACT same kids who were going off to all the “metalcore/hardcore” bands who have grown up a bit laugh and act as if they never even listened to those bands and have this sense of seniority over a lot of newer kids who are going to shows for the first time. Music is constantly evolving and there are so many sub-genres and everything just moves so fast now, so even if people love it, they seem to forget about it in 6 months to a year and it just fades out of existence. I hear it all the time, the classic ” Oh, I used to listen to that band when I was 16.”, and it always bugs me. If you loved it then, why do you hate it now? You don’t see people who loved KISS 25 years ago saying “I’m over it.”, because they still connect with it and they still love it. I think nowadays bands and kids just need to be more honest and real about what they are playing and listening to. Kids need to get over worrying about what their friends will think or what is deemed “cool” in the scene. Who fucking cares? I am 23 years old and I STILL LOVE Silverstein, Bright Eyes and Brand New. So what?

Q. Who and or what inspires Fall City Fall?

Life inspires us, our friends and families inspire us. Seeing our friends achieve their dreams and being happy inspires us. Seeing people just being real and being passionate about what they do or want to do in life is incredible.

Q. If Fall City Fall were trapped on an island with limited supplies and someone eventually had to be eaten, who in the band would be eaten first?

None of us, because we are all crafty mother fuckers and we have all watched Cast Away. Wilson’s got our back.

Q. What has been your favourite venue to play thus far, and what has been your least favourite venue and why?

Mod Club in Toronto is always a fun place to play. Anywhere that we can climb on tall, tall things and jump off of is always fun. Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon are always a blast to play. I don’t think we have a least favourite venue to be honest, but sometimes it’s not much fun when venues have 1000000 stairs to climb.

Q. How would you describe Fall City Fall to someone that has never heard of you before?

This is always hard. We usually just end up saying pissed off punk rock.

Q. You guys just recently signed to Victory Records, how does it feel signing to a major label? Has it changed the way you guys function as a band creatively and personally?

It’s pretty crazy but we are really excited to be a part of the Victory family. It hasn’t changed us at all, we do things the same way as we always have from day 1.

Q. Any up and coming bands (perhaps local) that you want to tell people about?

Kingsland, Kingsland, Kingsland, Kingsland. Did I mention Kingsland? They are my favorite local band from Calgary. Awesome, honest, sweet ass Pop Punk. The Fallacy, Slumlord, Take The Earth Beneath Us, Westshore Falls, Where The Heart Is. All amazing bands from Western Canada that deserve A LOT more than they have.

Q. Does Fall City Fall have any plans to tour Australia any time soon? Australia might be small, but if there’s one thing a lot of Australian’s love besides beer and barbecues it’s hardcore and metal.

We currently have no plans but it would be a dream come true to come hang out with some kangaroos and do some stage dives.

Q. Any last words before we wrap this thing up?

We just want to say thank you for being interested in us enough to even do an interview, haha. We are really excited for people to hear Victus and we will see you all in the new year!

We appreciate you taking the time to answer our onslaught of questions. Good luck with the new album and inevitable heavy touring schedule ahead guys, you deserve it.

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    Great article =] one thing, The Fallacy and Slumlord are two different bands. Please change this just in case anyone wants to check these bands out!