10 Australian Metal/Hardcore Bands That You Need To Know About

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Australia is a relatively small country compared to others with only a population over 21 million. Surprisingly Australia is home to some of the best up and coming metal/hardcore and rock bands there is, as well as some already established bands. While some have heard of Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen, believe it or not there are a lot of other talented bands bands around as well.

#1 – Twelve Foot Ninja

The very fact these guys dress up as ninjas and play 7 string guitars should be reason enough to check these up and coming dudes from Melbourne. They recently released their debut album Silent Machine with some of the most unique sounding tracks you will ever hear. Combining Latin, djent, hard rock, swing, reggae, dub and polka flawlessly you know it’s going to be an interesting ride. These guys are going to be massive in 2013.

Coming For You by Twelve Foot Ninja


#2 – Northlane

These guys are referred to as the next Parkway Drive due to their immense work ethic, unique and polished sound as well as determination. These guys once did 25 shows in one month, not an easy feat. Their debut Discoveries is a refreshing take on the stale metalcore genre exhibiting signs of Misery Signals, Periphery, I The Breather and a plethora of other established bands. These guys are well liked and are going to explode in 2013 with the release of their sophomore album which if as good as we think it will be will propel these guys right to the top.

Dispossession by Northlane


#3 – Make Them Suffer

These guys might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re into symphonic death metal and machine gun double kicks then Make Them Suffer have you covered. These guys are an energetic bunch of dudes making heavy music who are definitely going to take on the world in 2013. Their latest album Neverbloom is a relentless onslaught of extreme riffing and amazing drum-work, take a listen and you won’t be disappointed.

Neverbloom by Make Them Suffer


#4 – Ignite The Ibex

This promising band showcases a very technical sound, intricate timing and very Meshuggah like vocals. Not many people have heard of this band, but 2013 will hopefully be the year this talented band takes it to the next level.

Absorbing Free Will by Ignite The Ibex

#5 – LORD

Power metal is an acquired taste. Some people like it, some love it and some hate it but there is no disputing Sydney power metallers LORD have a very likable sound. They’re on a similar level to that of Dragonforce except for the fact they don’t try and show off every 5 seconds with ridiculous guitar trickery, a very 80’s sound and not to mention the guitarists of the band are undeniably some of the best guitarists in Australia.

Keep an eye on these guys, even though they’ve been around for a while I have a feeling their next album is going to get them some attention.

Set In Stone by LORD

Because We Can by LORD (From their forthcoming album, “Digital Lies”)

#6 – The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction are a talented bunch of guys. It has taken them a lot of hard work and years to get to the point where they are now. While they’re starting to become more known, they’re not as known as they could be. They can verge on the point of genericness at times, but they’re a solid band with great cleans.

Chasing Ghosts by The Amity Affliction

#7 – In Hearts Wake

Hailing from Byron Bay (where Parkway Drive come from) it’s no surprise that In Hearts Wake are starting to become a massive band. Featuring unique screams, growls and angelic clean vocals it’s no surprise that these guys are starting to build an overseas fanbase and are destined for greatness. Their debut album Divination features some pretty awesome guest vocalists notably Winston McCall from Parkway Drive and Chad Ruglig of For The Fallen Dreams fame.

Traveller (The Fool) by In Hearts Wake

#8 – Be’lakor

These guys are going to be huge. There aren’t many melodic death metal bands out there that can write a song that goes longer than 5 minutes like these guys. Awesome melodies, atmospheric interludes and solid guitar riffing. Checkout their 2009 release, “Stone’s Reach” it’s one of their best albums to date.

Abeyance by Be’lakor

#9 – Hand of Mercy

Hand of Mercy are a five piece band from Sydney who are absolutely killing it. Their just released album Last Lights was an absolute monster and encapsulates the Australian hardcore scene perfectly. Chugged drop-tuned guitars, angry guy vocals and catchy riffs. These guys have toured relentlessly and it’s starting to pay off for them, expect to hear more of these guys in 2013 when they take centre stage and get the attention they deserve.

Mr. Nasty Time by Hand of Mercy

#10 – House Vs Hurricane

House vs Hurricane enjoyed a fair bit of success with the release of their well-received EP Forfeiture, but then tragedy ensured when band members left and then they eventually got their debut record Perspectives out in 2010. After releasing the record the line-up changed once more, they ditched the synths and eventually became a more serious band. Their latest album Crooked Teeth was a breath of welcome fresh air for a band that had started to rely on synthesisers a little too much, these guys are signed but definitely aren’t as known as they should be.

Blood Knuckles by House vs Hurricane

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