Everyone Dies In Utah – Polarities: Album Review

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Honestly when I saw in my email, that I was listening to a post-hardcore/electronic  band called Everyone Dies In Utah, I was thinking not another one. But I had to put my reservations aside. This whole website is about letting the music do the talking. But the music didn’t talk…it screamed…and blew me away.

Polarities starts off strong with “Factor X” a song that blew me away with its composition. Honestly this is the first time I ever felt so pleased to hear clean vocals in a song that just add to the song this perfectly in awhile. I can’t quite explain it but Danny Martinez  and Justin Yost combine to create some of the best flowing hardcore music I have heard in a very long time.

“The View From Here” keeps the album rolling with its fantastic guitar riffs and tasty synth parts.  The best part about this band is they utilize the synth not abuse it. They see it as an addition to the music not a driving force and that is what music is all about; writing to fit the music and I feel that is exactly what they have accomplished. The best tracks that portray this are “A Glowing Core Through The Glass Floor”  and “Desoto ’55”  these songs have mostly clean vocals, but they are so well written and preformed I didn’t miss the shrill screams at all, not to say that they aren’t impressive in their own right.

The screams are powerful and demanding to say the least,  filled with emotion and energy in every track. I honestly couldn’t find a song that I did not enjoy on this album. All of the lyrics flow well and seem to fit with the mood of the songs forming one of my favorite records of 2012.

The production work is the only place I have a bit of trouble with on this album. There are some parts where I feel the vocalist (both the screamer and clean vocals) are drowned out by the music playing in the background. But even that is rare and I still caught myself playing them on repeat.

Guitars on the album are loud when they need to be and ambient when called for. Drums are kind of pushed to the back, but not enough where they are missed, but instead place a driving force behind the music. And the synth as I mentioned before is not overdone in a tacky crabcore way, but rather used to improve the music.

Every band has an album that defines them, and I believe this is EDIU’s album. Polarities is fantastic and I Loved it all the way through.

Rating  10 out of 10

  • Awesome Bryner

    This is like asking alexandria. I like it and it sounds awesome with bass. I love the screams in vocals. Mix with clear vocals is great. Hardcore and screamo bands are my favorite, and weird I am 43 years old and like this stuff.