A Bullet For Pretty Boy – Symbiosis: Album Review

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In a scene where bands try to differentiate themselves from others, it is most important to leave an impression.  Riff, Riff, Riff, Scream, Breakdown, just doesn’t cut it for most, and A Bullet For Pretty Boy fails to change up a formula so used by others.

First, there is nothing done in this album that I can’t imagine hearing from another. On the first play-through I saw every breakdown coming, and every clean vocalist break was predictable.  I expect more from a band that has been around for six years.

That being said this still is a solid album.  The screams are powerful and demanding of your attention.  And the clean vocals have almost a ghost-like quality to them. Notable tracks are “Red Medic” and “White Noise” also “The Grateful Prey”   The production on this album is superb,  even if Symbiosis doesn’t jump out to create a fantastic album of stand-alone songs the album as a whole just sounds full.

One thing that just seems really out of place to me is the instrumental track “Illumination” I am down for a good instrumental track when it helps the overall continuity of the album, but at a track time of 3:07 it just drags on, because it literally plays the same synth and drum pattern for the entire three minutes.

While I appreciate good hardcore bands that stick to their roots, their just needs to be some variation in the mix.  I could see one of my local Florida bands covering one of A Bullet For Pretty Boy’s songs off this album with ease.  All I want is a track saying you haven’t heard anything like this before.

Rating: 7 out of 10

  • KillHipsters

    Nice review Mike, completely agree about the predictability part. One positive aspect of this album is the lyrics which are quite good and uplifting, the screamed vocals however to me sounded too processed but the rest of the album is beautifully produced, in-fact the production on Symbiosis is some of the best production I’ve heard on an album of this calibre in a very long time. It’s such a shame the band not only has a horrible 2005 emo-trend name, but their music also lives up to that stereotype as well.