Of Mice & Men Announce Details of The Flood Re-issue

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I was not-secretly hoping the news that Of Mice & Men’s upcoming album which was implied was going to be a totally new album and not a reissue of their previous album The Flood was not going to sound nu-metal like Austin mentioned it would in an interview not long ago, it looks like the reissue is living up to that label sounding nu-metal as fuck with the first one of four new songs that will be on the two-disc reissue, “The Depths” featuring very prominent nu-metal riffing and Bring Me The Horizon-esque spoken angry lyrics.

Reissuing The Flood is a pathetic cash grab if I ever saw one and I’m sure many are let down by the fact that it’s a two-disc reissue instead of a new album. Fair enough we get to hear 4 new songs with Austin taking front-man roles filling in the void left when Shayley left the band, but they were probably just better off releasing an EP instead. I guess you can’t really charge much for an EP and well, Of Mice & Men is probably one of the few credible bands Rise Records have left on their roster.

No doubt the new songs we’ll get to hear will sound great, 4 songs isn’t merely enough considering the dramatic changes in band member roles.

Listen to one of the four new tracks that will be on the reissue titled, “The Depths” below.

  • machine011

    Maybe Shayley is expected to come back after he sorts out his “personal issues” so the band is re-releasing the flood with a couple of new songs just to bridge the gap until the band is able to record their 3rd full length album with Shayley in the roster. Or maybe this is just what I’m hoping for…

    • GuitarPedalsSuck

      I’m praying this happens too friend. OM&M is nothing without Shayley, Austin is good but Shayley was what made them not just another metalcore band. I hope he does come back, is it depression why he left? I heard rumours that he’s starting a new project, but not sure if that is true or not.

      Agreed with the author the double record thing is a cash grab by Rise, an EP would have sufficed.

  • fuegopiedra

    i hate to say it but of mice & men r not gonna last very long without shayley. the nu-metal sound is quite tame and Austin’s lyrics are beyond generic. shayley was what made the band stand out from other posthardcore bands. i hope shayley will come back but he will probably be better off going solo or starting a new band

  • machine011

    I believe his departure was due to depression/alcoholism. Shayley’s new project is called Dayshell. Check it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYEmb6aSsKI