Make Them Suffer – Neverbloom: Album Review

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While you might not be able to pick these guys out of a police line-up down at your local police station, there’s no mistaking that Make Them Suffer are destined for greatness. A bunch of humble guys from Perth, Australia who are a self-proclaimed symphonic deathcore band. It may sound like a cliched bad joke (how can deathcore be symphonic?) but after listening to their debut album Neverbloom you’ll see that they live up to the label.

For many this will be the first release you hear from Make Them Suffer but their EP Lord of Woe released in 2010 was a turning point in Australian deathcore, no other Australian band at the time of its release were making anything as big or sinister as these guys were and still are. Neverbloom is very much a continuation of the Lord of Woe EP sound, only everything sounds a bit more polished, tighter and refined this time around and honestly you’d expect nothing less from a band who has backing from Roadrunner Records forgo the strange fact a deathcore band is on Roadrunner records.

How does their début album Neverbloom stack up? It starts off with a slow piano prelude titled, “Prologue: that sounds like it was lifted from an RPG computer game like Diablo 3, dramatically building up before your throat is slit right open by the title track Neverbloom which starts off with eerie as fuck sinister keyboards, The Black Dahlia Murder-esq vocals and relentless guitar and heavily double-kick laden drum-work. The interesting thing I find about Neverbloom is that it sounds like a mixture between three completely different styles black metal, deathcore and metalcore, a debatable statement and purely my opinion of course.

From start to finish Neverbloom is an infinitely ear assaulting album that puts you on the edge of your seat. You feel uncomfortable whilst your ears are assaulted by a barrage of double kicks and screechy vocals, whilst Neverbloom won’t win accolades for being original (you’ve certainly heard Neverbloom before in many ways from other bands like Chelsea Grin or The Black Dahlia Murder) but the instrumentation is solid, production tight and overall bold and ambitious.

The most impressive track on Neverbloom (I’ve listened to it so many times I’ve lost count) is, “Weeping Wastelands coming in at almost seven minutes long this song manages to remain consistent and interesting for the whole duration. This song stands out above all of the rest, but you have to listen to it to really understand what that means.

Roadrunner Records obviously have seen something within Make Them Suffer to make them worthy enough for promotion and after you listen you’ll see why. A solid effort from a solid Aussie band who’ll know doubt be mentioned a lot in the same sentences as Parkway Drive or I Killed The Prom Queen.

Rating: 9 out of 10.