Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix: Album Review

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Most guys never grow up and no matter how old you are, jokes about male genitals are always good for a laugh. Rize Of The Fenix is the follow-up to 2006 release The Pick of Destiny and it might just be their most serious release to date. While there are certain aspects of Tenacious D’s sound that have changed, they’re still very much the same two guys writing ridiculous comedy rock songs and it’s obvious they’re somewhat good at it.

Jack shows on Rize of The Fenix even though they obviously don’t take themselves that seriously (the album artwork is a dick), he and Kyle are undeniably great at writing catchy songs. First single and title track, ‘Rize of The Fenix‘ is an instant classic for the D and probably their best since releasing Tribute all the way back in 2003. Another thing you might notice is that Jack sounds different, he shows off a dirty blues sounding voice in the vain of Lou Reed and Tom Waits and it actually sounds pretty good, a good example of his new-found voice is one of the best tracks on the album, ‘Throwdown‘.

The album wouldn’t be complete without a couple of skits, ‘Classic Teacher‘ is a hilarious skit in which Jack says that Kyle needs guitar lessons and supposedly gets a Spanish guitarist to help teach him a few things, other skit, ‘Flutes and Trombones‘ was probably the funniest of the skits on the album as stupid as it is, it made me laugh. The best tracks on the album are; Rize Of The Fenix, Roadie, The Ballad of Holywood Jack and The Rage Kage and Throwdown. One issue that does plague this record is that it gets old very quickly, I grew tired of it after the 3rd or so listen and had to force myself to listen to it quite a few more times.

Don’t laser off those D tattoo’s, Tenacious D aren’t dead and this is definitely some of the best material they’ve released in a very long time. If you take Rize Of The Fenix  for what is is: comedy rock and nothing much more than that, then you’ll probably enjoy this album for the first few listens.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.