Fall City Fall – Dead Saints: EP Review

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Fall City Fall are a relatively unknown band releasing psychopathic emotionally charged music that really makes you sit up and take notice. Their sound can only be described as hardcore meets metal meets punk in a dark alley in a full on brawl of blood and brutality.

Firstly, if you haven’t heard the debut album these guys released in 2010 entitled 1629, go get it now. The Dead Saints EP picks up where 1629 left off, only it takes everything to the next level. The unique vocal style of vocalist Keenan Pylychaty can only be described as sounding like someone on the verge of a mental collapse (I’m sure he’s perfectly normal in reality), the shakiness and uncertainty in his voice gives the songs a certain kind of depth other vocalists could only ever dream of possessing. You feel uneasy listening to Fall City Fall, you’re put on edge, and that’s the way they want you to feel.

The EP is 5 tracks, but the first track is an intro track with no music so you actually only technically get 4 tracks on the EP. The first actual track on the album ‘Fearamid’ is an amalgation of hardcore intensity in the vain of bands like Refused, Touche Amore and Every Time I Die; an orgy of guitars, screaming and fret surfing powerchords. It all starts with this track and gets consistently better as the EP draws to a close.

As good as the EP is, a ferocious and intense bar fight of hardcore music the ending track ‘Funeralationship’ is without-a-doubt one of the most engaging and best tracks I have heard in a very long time. Starting off with a soft repetitive piano melody you’re lulled into a false sense of security, don’t be fooled, this song is anything but nice. This track is as vengeful and bitter as they come, no doubt written about a failed relationship. The emotion and anger in this song is so powerful, vocalist Keenan Pylychaty was no doubt in a very dark place when he wrote these lyrics, according to my iTunes I’ve listened to this song 107 times this past week which should be proof enough this song is the best on the EP.

If this is a taste of what is to come on their next full-length, then soon enough everyone will know who Fall City Fall are and what the fuck they are about. Go buy this and support one of the few bands in the hardcore genre actually making original music.

  • Derp

    there’s 2 vocalists. FYI

  • Reed

    If you want to hear more of what keenan does check out our hip hop project The Rapness http://www.facebook.com/therapness. It is as personal as it gets

  • Travis

    Show the OTHER vocalist, Nathan Zorn, some fucking love!

    • KillHipsters

      Shit, my bad. I wasn’t sure whether or not there were two vocalists when writing this review, I did some pretty extensive Googling and could find no mention of a second vocalist nor even a list of the members in the band so presumed it was one guy, honest mistake. Being based in Australia we’ve never had the privilege of seeing them live which probably would have helped. Article will be amended shortly, thanks for bringing it to our attention guys.