Can Gotye Live Up To His Own Success?

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There’s no doubt Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist Gotye is a very talented man, either very talented or just lucky. Gotye’s most popular song that has been reaching number one in most English speaking countries and staying there for ages is the track, ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘. The question not just on my lips, but most likely on the record executives, lawyers, publishers, distributors and promoters lips is whether or not Gotye can live up to his own immensely successful track?

Upon listening to the album Making Mirrors released in 2011 which features Somebody That I Used To Know it’s apparent that there aren’t really any stand-out tracks on the album apart from that one song. History has shown that Gotye is a very talented guy, but a talented guy who seems to only be able to write one song on every release that people love and forget the rest. The track, ‘Hearts A Mess‘ from 2006 release Like Drawing Blood which has a somewhat similar sombre feel to that of his latest breakout song, it was his most popular song until ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘ came out.