Errata – Cognac Al Dente: EP Review

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The most weird amalgamation of music genres I have ever heard that actually works. Australian mathcore/jazzcore band Errata have just released an EP titled Cognac Al Dente which is essentially The Dillinger Escape Plan meets Refused in a  jazz club fighting the resident house band in an epic duel of trumpets, ride cymbals, brushed snares and fucked up time signatures. There are so many different bands I could compare Errata to, but none that even come close to sounding close to what Errata have managed to release.

There is really no simple way to describe this chaotic EP. I’ve heard jazzcore done many times before, but Errata really take it up a thousand notches, this band is quite clearly insane. It takes a particular kind of person to like this style of music, but I am pretty sure regardless of what music you like that you can appreciate the chaotic complexities both overlaying and underlying of this record, there has been a lot of thought and effort on this EP and it shows. Most uneducated people think that anything that’s fast and noisy means the band is untalented when in-fact it takes quite a skilled musician to pull off the amount of time changes, notes and tempo changes that you hear on this EP.

For a self-produced record of this magnitude it really is quite impressive to hear how well everything is mixed, especially moments where trumpet makes an appearance not to mention you can actually hear the bass (something most modernly produced records even EPs lack). The vocals themselves are easily as impressive as the instrumentation aspect of this band, in-fact they remind me quite a lot of vocalist Dennis Lyxzén from underground hardcore band Refused.

I’m not sure just how serious Errata are, but one thing is for certain they make some interesting music that has really appealed to me which is surprising because other than bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan of which I am a big fan, this isn’t the type of music I’d associate myself as being a fan of. I am definitely going to crank this album in the car not only because it’s awesome but just to see how people react to this chaotically fucked up jazz infused record.

Buy this album on Bandcamp here, it seriously is worth buying.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

If you’re a fan of; Refused, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Between The Buried and Me – you’ll really enjoy this EP.