The Used Blame Ex-Label For Their Previous Album Artwork

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In an interview with recently, Bert McCracken has been quoted as saying that their previous record label Warner Bros was to blame for their previous album Artwork being such a dismal failure and that the label were trying to change who they are and aspects of the album. It definitely was one of their worse albums ever released and I personally think it’s fucking weak that Bert would blame a record label for the bands obvious inability and failure to write good anything decent. If you’ve heard some of the new material from Vulnerable then you’ll hear it sounds very similar to Artwork and crappy, I think Bert is looking for a scapegoat to blame in an attempt to regain some credibility.

Checkout the excerpt from the interview below for the full jizzum guzzling statement:

It was definitely a process with the label for that record from day one. Record labels were falling to pieces and they were desperately reaching for anything like trying to tell us to dress us in certain clothes with bullet proof vests and arm bands. They even told me to change the lyrics on the record. So instead of saying “He’s full of shit,” they’d have me say, “He’s full of it.” A lot of the songs that I initially liked turned into “it,” you know? It was complete bullshit in my mind. It’s my least favorite Used record. I rarely listen to it. It’s a very negative record as well, which I thought was therapeutic, but you can really just get yourself down when that’s all you think about. To spite myself, I wrote a really positive and inspirational record with this new record. It’s my favorite thing that we’ve done so far.