Attack Attack! Leave Rise Records: Rise Regains Some Credibility

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Rise Records just regained some credibility and became slightly more bearable after Attack Attack! have announced they’re no longer on Rise Records, don’t have another label lined up and already have 22 new songs worth of  material, 10 of which have already been recorded to release. I bet the so-called 10 recorded songs  sound just like the songs they released on This Means War a couple of months back. Considering they have 10 songs (recorded) of new material so quickly, it makes you wonder if they even put any effort into the song-writing process.

Read a quote from an interview did with Wetzel (the drummer of Attack Attack!) below:

So we already have another record sort of in the tubes right now; and we’re going to sort of tinker with it throughout the year. I think the only thing that is totally certain is that you can expect us to absolutely follow this release up with something very, very explosive. I think you are going to see a lot from us in the future.


  • Too much of aural attack for Rise Records i guess

  • Ben

    When I first read that they left rise records I got a sense of hope that an end to an awfull band approaches