An Interview With Hopes Die Last

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We recently got to ask Daniele Tofan of Hopes Die Last a few questions about the band, their new album Trust No One and also touched upon Rebecca Black too.

How did Hopes Die Last Form and where did the band name come from?

The band formed 8 years ago. The name is a three letter word sentence which has something to do with our guitarist Marco’s number 3 obsession (Trust No one, Six Years Home, Air Raid Siren, Hopes Die Last etc..)

Tell us a little about the Italian post-hardcore scene.

I remember a few years ago the Italian scene was pretty active. Now it’s stuck and we are living a bare moment. There’s a general wrong approach towards music and the music system isn’t working well. But what do you expect when you are asked to pay 25-30 euros for a CD? Of course the market is screwed up and we all suffer from that.

You’ve just released a new album cynically titled Trust No One, tell us a little about the writing process and pressure of living up to the expectations of Six Years Home?

I think this time we’ve made a fully better work and we hope to surprise our fans. We are very proud of this record, because differently from the past, it’s a been a team effort where we all did our best to reach a perfect and common result.

Does the album artwork for Trust No One have any special meaning or you just thought it looked cool?

It’s strictly linked to the message expressed in the title; what’s better than putting an (apparently) innocent little girl sneering with her mouth bloodstained, to show that you can’t actually TRUST NO ONE?

What bands are you influenced by?

There are no bands in particular we are influenced by. We all have different tastes and different music backgrounds. So we simply try to work on our own music, mashing up our personal knowledge finding a mutual agreement in a kickass result.

You’re in a bad neighbourbood; the alley to the left is filled with poisonous snakes, the alley to the right has Chuck Norris, which alley do you choose and why?

Is there a third option where I can choose to lock myself up in my house?

What is something that fans don’t know about Hopes Die Last?

I think there’s nothing they don’t know, because we love to talk with our fans, both live or on the web, so we have no secrets.

Does the band have any pre-show rituals?

We get drunk as fuck. Ahaha.

What is Hopes Die Last stand on music piracy; does it help or hinder bands?

Piracy is good for music spam, because it helps also people who can’t afford buying music to get to know you and listen to your works. But from a business point of view it kills bands.

Rebecca Black has been quoted as saying your band is a huge influence on her music, what do you have to say on the matter?

We are flattered, but not knowing American pop panorama I’ve had to check who Rebecca Black was. Do you think to be in her main influences is a good thing or will cause Hopes Die Last’s epic fail? I tell you so because I’ve read comments on Youtube and the most frequent words were: Fuck, Bitch and Whore.

Do you think the post-hardcore scene is dying or evolving?

I think in the rest of the world it is evolving and expanding, but it’s in our Country that it has never even started.

Where do you see Hopes Die Last in 5 years?

I don’t wanna know, we live day by day.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Daniele. Good luck with the new album and upcoming tours.

Thank you all for the interview. We will do our best not to fail anyone expectations.