The Triple J Hottest 100 Is Overrated Hipster Fodder

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Australians are a diverse bunch of people. We like drinking, drinking some more and once we can’t drink any more we get others to drink for us until we can drink again. Another tradition of the typical bogan and hipster population of Australia is listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 – which is basically a chart of music from the year before picked by some hipsters at Triple J (a non-commercial radio station that’s commercial) who still claim they’re all about the “local bands”.

I’ve never seen the big deal about the Hottest 100, I guess I’m just not “hip” enough to get it. To everyone’s surprise (not), Gotye an Australian multi-instrumentalist topped the list because of his fluke of a song Somebody That I Used To Know. A song that got more airplay in 2011 than Rihanna or the Hilltop Hoods combined (which is an achievement for Australian radio). They might as well have called it the Triple J’s Hottest Gotye.

People even have Triple J Hottest 100 parties which means; inviting your bogan mates over for a “barbie” and a few too many beers while Triple J plays some obscure artist said bogans have most likely never heard of before in the background. Or for the hipster kind, inviting your pipe smoking friends around on their fixie bikes for a pot of fair-trade organic tea and sitting around the radio making comments like, “I listened to Gotye before he was famous” and “Dude, I hope that’s organic free range meat in your fridge”.

I find it highly ironic that Triple J choose to have the Hottest 100 on Australia day when a lot of the bands featured in the countdown aren’t even Australian. The top 10 for instance has artists like The Black Keys, M83 and Lana Del Rey who are most definitely not Australian. Seems like a bit of an insult to Australia to have a list of top artists from the year before when a lot aren’t even Australian.

Maybe I am just an asshole, but the words Triple J and the radio station itself which sometimes plays music so obscure it’s not even music really annoys me. Especially the smug attitude of those who do listen to the station on a regular basis.

  • Hoyt Famayl

    Can we just wipe out both species? TISM had this Bogans v Yuppies thing going years ago, I thought it was passe (yes used that word, sorry), but now… its still accurate. If you killed all the bogans and yuppies, then all the hippies and self entitled little rich c*nts… dunno who you’d have left but it would be an interesting, and *possibly* worthwhile mob (you’d have to kill a good percentage of the psychos too or it would get too mad max). Dear gods, this country is a write off.