Attack Attack! – This Means War: Album Review

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You know that sound your toilet pipes make when you use too much toilet paper? That build-up of pressure as the water starts to rise and you fret that it’ll spill out over the top and then finally with one large rumble it starts to go down and the pipes shake a little bit. This is what Attack Attack’s latest album sounds like; a big pile of shit and toilet paper backing up in a bowl, then disappearing.

A band once at the centre of internet ridicule for their crabcore ways is no doubt going to see themselves at the receiving end of more ridicule for their latest effort (I use the word effort very loosely). The guys this time around have opted to try and go for a more beefed up brutal sound, but as you’ll soon discover it fails in every way, shape and form.

The vocals first and foremost are terrible. I’ve listened to this album 3 times with an open mind and my opinion on this album has remained the same. The very fact that the album artwork looks like it is of two dicks (they’re really vein-y arms) should be more than enough warning that this album is one you should avoid, it’s like a spider with a big stripe on its back, “I’m telling you to seriously stay the fuck away”.

Do not get me started on the most uninspiring, non-meaningful, unoriginal and emotionless lyrics you will ever hear. I’ve read more original things written on public bathroom walls. The lyrics read like Caleb Shomo did a Google search for 2006 era MySpace blog posts from emotionally repressed teenagers complaining about life and made them into songs either that or Caleb is just a bad songwriter.

In every single song vocalist Caleb sounds constipated. His saliva ridden weak pirate yell desperately tries to mimic vocalists of other bands like The Devil Wears Prada, For The Fallen Dreams and Enter Shikari but falls flat on its face sounding extremely weak, annoying and heavily forced instead.

Without sounding like I have a raging hard-on for Austin Carlile, Caleb Shomo does not have the range that Austin has that is for sure. Austin could hold a scream for what felt like forever, he had power and could really command an audience with it. This band has not been the same since he left Attack Attack!, AA! was and never will be an original band, but at least Austin can scream without sounding like a baby dinosaur dying of oesophagus cancer.

The naming structure of the songs on this album really annoys me. Putting ‘the’ in-front of all of your song titles in an attempt to be more edgy isn’t exactly new (Memphis May Fire recently did it) but it does make you look like a bunch of douche-bags especially when your album sounds as bad as this does.

Production quality on this album is non-existent. It literally sounds like the guys recorded this album in a toilet, the mixing, what mixing? Everything sounds heavily compressed and over-produced. The production duties were undertaken by Caleb in his home studio and sadly although he tried, the production isn’t anywhere near what I would expect even an okay album to sound like (but I’m not an expert).

In the song ‘The Hopeless’ Caleb ironically screams the following lines that couldn’t describe everything about this album more perfectly – “Can you hear me screaming, I’ve been yelling so much that my throat is bleeding” once you listen to the rest of the album you’ll laugh at the irony because the weak screams on this album do sound like Caleb’s throat is bleeding. If that isn’t blood in Caleb’s throat, then I presume it is some kind of liquid that was shot out of the aforementioned dicks on the cover art causing him to sound the way he does.

People familiar with guitar tunings will notice that Attack Attack! sound like they’ve opted for a lower tuning no doubt because they’re so delusional that they think a lower tuning means more brutal songs. They did flirt with lower tunings on their previous self-titled but this takes it to a whole other level.

It sounds like the the guitarists of Attack Attack! have been listening to too much Periphery, A Plea For Purging and Meshuggah (borrowing riffs and structure especially). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or in this case it’s just an insult. In their quest to imitate other successful bands it even sounds like they’ve tried incorporating djent style riffing into their songs, and by the sounds of it they’ve changed to 8 string guitars (I could be wrong about that though).

What separates This Means War from the other artists that I mentioned is that this album lacks any kind of technical playing ability whatsoever, not one single guitar riff comes even close to sounding technical, probably because the guitarists of the band only know how to chug and that’s about it.

One of the most deceiving tracks on the album ‘The Motivation’ which was also the first single released from the album, starts generating a false sense of hope that you’re finally listening to a song that sounds different to the rest, but alas after the sympathetic piano finishes the typical djent riffs heard on the previous 5 tracks kick in and the song sounds more pathetic than sympathetic.

Do you like breakdowns? I hope so, because every single song and I mean every single song on this album has a breakdown. And yep you guessed it, all of the breakdowns sound the same as one another (no exaggeration) listen for yourself.

By the time you reach the end of this album you will feel relieved. You know that feeling when you really need to pee and you have to hold on for that little bit longer then you finally get to a bathroom and that feeling of euphoric relief you experience? That’s what it feels like once this album comes to a close.

Their self-titled release wasn’t the worlds greatest album, but it sure as hell was a whole lot better than this album minus the techno songs I actually liked a few of the songs on the self-titled. I have nothing personally against the guys in the band, but when you put something like this out that obviously has had little thought, time and effort put into it you have to wonder why they even bother any more and feel slightly insulted that they would think people would like and or buy this.

The only decent thing about this album is the techno, dance tracks they put on their last self-titled album are non-existent on this album. This album would have honestly been a whole lot better if they did though, now if you’ll excuse I’ve just got to rinse out my mouth with drain cleaner for saying that. And to their credit the guitar tones on this album are quite good, the guitars sound bigger and better than previous albums ever have.

I really do hope this is the last album ever released by Attack Attack!, but no doubt there will be a heap of people who will like and buy this album giving the band a false sense of hope to continue making genericore records. The year has only just begun but I am calling it now, worse album of 2012.

So there we have it a review full of toilet analogies. I do apologise about that, but when an album as bad as this graces my ears you can’t help but feel like you need to compare it to faeces. I might have been a little harsh on the guys, but this is their 3rd album and they’ve had forever to write something decent, if someone doesn’t say how bad this album really is, I doubt nobody else will.

Rating: 1 out of 10.

  • KillHipsters

    The countdown until the Attack Attack! fan club comes with a slew of hateful comments most likely telling me my music taste sucks and that I don’t know what good music is, etc, etc begins.

    Come at me, pansies.

    • Crabby Patties

      You just opened up a can of whoop ass on yourself here buddy. I agree with everything posted in this review and more but feel sorry for the internet raping you are going to get given once AA fans find out about this review.

      Got to love a good toilet comparison or two, or three in a music review especially when its completely relevant. Wtf were they thinking releasing this anyway?

      I best leave before I get raped with you. Pretty sure they call that gang rape.

    • DeathToCaleb

      fucking right on! i have nothing but nice things to say about you killhipsters, you tell it how it is even if it means pissing off a few little teenagers who love attack attack and nickelback. Dont stop writing best review ive ever read period. Im excited to see how aa fans react when they read this too makes me feel excited knowing shit is about to go down.

    • Hayley

      This review is not accurate at all, just because Caleb changed his screaming style so he wouldn’t damage his vocal cords doesn’t mean that he sounds “constipated” because that is bullshit, I think he sounds great and the album rocked so stfu!

  • Too Bad

    Why would anyone honestly care what a poor, little site like this has to say anyway? You’re wasting your time. You tried to hard to sound sophisticated and honestly, you’re all over the place with this one. Maybe, next time, you should stop trying so hard. Also, let’s just be honest, you really only did this for attention. You lonely, lonely guy.

    • KillHipsters

      Hahaha. Not quite the response I was expecting, your comment needs more, “OMG UR JUST JELOS OF ATTAK ATTK111!” and less rationality and jizzum guzzling. I posted this review because nobody else has the balls to really say how crappy this album is. I have nothing against the Attack Attack! guys themselves, but the very fact they tried passing this fodder off as music deserves to be scathed.

      And yes, this is a little site it doesn’t take a PhD holder to recognise that, your intelligence and observational skills astound me. I don’t care what people think about my writing nor website, you obviously found your way here and the very fact you took the time to leave a comment proves that you care what I have to say in a weird kind of way.

      The sad thing about this review is it didn’t take that much effort at all, it all felt too easy. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this album, if I were saying how great it is I bet your comment would have been a whole lot more positive.

      I didn’t write this review for attention. The site gets 15,000 hits a month without promotion or trying too hard, so if I wanted attention I would have put a whole lot more effort into this review and rest of the site content.

      Post a link to your online blog, I’d love to read it and then tell you that nobody cares what you have to say.

      Thanks for stopping by though. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, such a shame your comment was too rational for a review like this. Also thank you for the compliment, I’m flattered you think this post tries too hard, because that insinuates I put effort into it when in reality all I did was listen to this album and wrote down what I heard.

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      The irony is too much to bear when someone disagrees with someone else’s opinion. Too Hard, the very fact you came onto this “little blog” and started slinging insults instead of contributing to the conversation has made your entire comment void of any merit whatsoever.

      I get you probably liked this album but you also have to respect other peoples opinions especially of those like Killhipsters who quite clearly thinks the album is not that great. I do implore you for leaving a comment with great spelling and grammar though, but you’re saying Killhipsters is trying too hard yet all your comment achieved was slinging unprovoked insults at Killhipsters who never insulted you.

      Now that I got that out of the way. Bathroom analogies aside, I do agree that this album is horrible. Attack Attack! have potential, every band has potential but at present it appears they’re not trying hard enough whether that is because they’re too scared to venture out of their comfort zone I don’t know.

      I’m not sure how many people were anticipating this album, but I was. I honestly thought they were going to raise the bar with this one. I feel disappointed, let down that they released this.

      Agree on the production quality too. I got my hands on a VBR promo copy and well, it sounds like an unmastered version of the album. This is the first time Caleb has produced and he did okay considering he isn’t a professional, but for a band on a label they should have stuck with Joey.

      So calm the fuck down everyone. Everyone has their own way of voicing their opinions and if we’re going to criticize everyone who has a different opinion to our own whatever means they choose to voice it by, what the fuck has this world come to?

    • Jin

      well, hailing from China. just want to let some of you know that people from that far away have been checking this site several times a week (since that LOG review). πŸ™‚

      i don’t like attack attack! since their self-titled album and that deluxe reissue is totally waste of natural resources. they just kept producing cheesy and their typical ‘50% of techno 50% of breakdowns’songs. the first single from this album sounds so so to me, even tho the whole album is already leaked and a lot of my frds have listened to it and their habitual think make them feel that AA’s albums are ‘meant to be good’. i don’t bother to check it out after reading this review.

    • ge5undhe17

      I have listened to AA! since their first album, and this album clearly blows. Stop being a fangirl/fanboy and try to listen to your favorite bands with a grain of salt

      Caleb shomo’s scream vox sounds like he’s puking the entire time, I’m sorry

  • Agree

    I’m a huge Attack Attack! fan. I liked the first two albums. This one is not very good. Even the tolerable songs like The Wretched and the reality are piano backed or dub enhanced versions of everything else. They’re becoming the metalcore equivalent of Nickelback. Listening to this album is like watching the 4th Indiana Jones. It feels like I’m watching something I really like get raped by the people who made it.

    • LilJohnAY

      Same here man – I liked both of the albums before this, and I actually agree with this review.

      I also actually hated them altogether at first – I couldn’t get over the auto-tune on the first album. I don’t know what it was, but just the sound hurt my ears. But I realized the record wasn’t half bad otherwise. Like KillHipsters said, Austin’s screams are really good.

      I think the self-titled was still an enjoyable record, overall. I was expecting an exact copy of that album for this new one.

      Man, was I let down.
      And THAT is saying something.

  • ge5undhe17

    I should’ve turned back when I saw the album cover featuring two dicks but nooooooooooooooooooooo I pre-ordered anyway. AA! fans would note the lack of synth and dubstep lines in this, as they have now become a srscore band. It’s as if they’re trying to out-metalcore their rival Of Mice & Men.

    The only thing I liked about this album is that, it makes you think their self-titled album is actually better in comparison.

    Worst album of 2012, here we go. I hope they make an ‘ironic’ music video to top it off!

    • KillHipsters

      Ouch man, I feel for you pre-ordering this and all. We should start a fund where people can donate money to help you recoup the cost you paid for the pre-order. There is no doubt in my mind that they will release an ironic music video to top this off. I hope it’s just like the Stick Stickly video, only more serious. Crabcore with 8 string guitars in Dropped G tuning, haha.

      They really did literally try and out-brutal Of Mice & Men on this album not realising that 8 strings on your guitar does not mean you can just chug a djent riff and people on will start cheering and liking your music. Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders is how an 8-string guitar should be played, maybe they should have copied him instead, lol.

      As mediocre as their first album was, Austin is a great screamer and there were a lot of tolerable songs on it that I liked. I am still surprised they bothered to release this and even more surprised some reviews are giving this a good rating.

      I’ve lost faith in AA! – they had the potential to create a beast of an album, step things up a notch and move away from the genericore label they helped pioneer. They just chose to say within the confines of whatever comfort zone they’re stuck in, too afraid to try something new out of fear of angering some of their fans who are stuck in the past of electronicore music and refuse to embrace change.

  • Yeah, I like Attack Attack, but honestly, this is the reviewers opinion. Attack Attack isn’t a band you listen to for technicality. I listen to them when I just want to hear catchy choruses and chugging breakdowns. Fun, not technical.

    My opinion: Lose the electronica shit, move towards a djent style sound. If you’re gonna do breakdowns, more than just
    binary code.

    In the mood- 8/10
    otherwise- 4/10

    • SlyazX

      Im your opinion, JacksonVH πŸ˜‰

    • Indeed ;D

      I think the djent riffs, no matter how poor they are, are a step in the right direction.

      Decent, not great.

  • Alex Gonzalez

    Fuck you! Suck dick! Attack Attack is amazing! AA FO LiFe! You have no taste in music!

    Nah, just playing I just thought maybe you would love to see some comments like that. But I agree on everything you just said. Good review my friend! I myself am trying to save people from buying this horrid album. But in other news, you should do an album review on Alesana’s “A Place Where the Sun is Silent.” I would really love to see what you think about it.

    • KillHipsters

      Hahaha, damn I got excited there until I saw you were joking. I’m honestly surprised the comments have remained rather civil especially considering what happened on the Woe, Is Me review, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by man, and the nice words I’ll give the Alesana album a listen and throw something up. I do have it, but don’t think I ever got around to hearing it. I think I have all their albums actually. What do you think of it?

    • Alex Gonzalez

      @Killhipsters: Yeah dude you should seriously listen to it. One of the best albums of 2011 (well in my opinion) It’s another concept album & if you haven’t listened to “The Emptiness” (also a concept album) you should before you check out “A Place Where the Sun is Silent.” you’ll know why later. But both or just phenomenal! So artistic! So original! So emotional! The story line is just perfect! They are just great albums. There is nothing like them out there. But please check them out when you can & review them please! I will highly appreciate it! & the thing with Alesana they actually get better with each album they come out with. Unlike cough cough Attack Attack! Cough cough! Lol. But yeah tell me what you think!

  • Tyler

    I am a long time hater of Attack Attack, and I listened to this album expecting to hate it. I actually think it is a step in the right direction for them. While the structure of the songs are in fact pretty repetitive, there are some pretty awesome riffs. Nothing ground breaking by any means.

    The only part I completely disagree with you on is the production. I think it is brilliant. The guitar tones are not too overdriven, so you can hear every single note. The drums hit hard, and the bass fulfills their overall sound. While the songs seem to be somewhat thrown together at some parts, I can listen to this album straight through simply because of the production. I could literally not take another cookie cutter Rise Records album.

  • Matt

    Well, I personally love the album. I know Caleb Shomo personally and I think he’s an incredibly talented man. But, to each his own. If this is what you really thought of this masterpiece, that’s your choice. I just found it a little upsetting that you’d be so insulting and the gay joke was really just unnecessary. Everyone can have an opinion, but the way you express it can make you look like an ass.

    • KillHipsters

      Thanks for the level-headed comment Matt. After much thinking you are 100% correct, the gay comment although completely non derogatory and merely serving as a way to get my point across about the artwork was in bad taste and way over the top so I redacted that line.

      As for the rest of the review, I meant it. This wasn’t an album I enjoyed at all. I do like djent oriented music, but the blatant move to a djent sound by the AA! guys failed. You can’t have a djent sound without throwing in some kind of technical guitar here and there. Imagine if Animals As Leaders or Periphery just chugged, they’d be boring too.

      AA! are arguably respected and liked by many and I don’t have a problem with that. They can obviously write and play well the potential is there. But if they’re going to use 8-string guitars now, they need to step it up if they want to truly step away from the crabcore and risecore labels they need to move their fingers around a bit.

      Music is a subjective thing, this review is 100% my opinion and others will agree and disagree with me. I implore people to take a listen and make their own minds up as well though.

      Thanks for stopping by Matt.

  • Dylan

    I’m a fan of Attack Attack! and while I enjoyed your review, I wouldn’t say its as bad as you make it out (I feel like your making it out to be Justin Bieber-bad) I think this album is more generic than bad. Everything on it is in fact generic as holy hell but I still can enjoy it in the right mood. I’m inclined to agree that the screaming is fuckin bad though, and that this album could have been a million times better. My hope is that its just transitional, and the next one that comes out will be more polished and overall sound better. Peace out (I was thinking of playing the butthurt fanboy just to troll but I decided against it)

  • Kieran Johnson

    From this review, it suggests that you have payed no real attention to the album at all, the lyrics are very meaningful, the whole album is written from a soldiers point of view, exploring into the feeligs and emotions a solider would experience, or perhaps you are a soldier or have been and know what it’s like do you?

    You say the album has no real technically difficult riffs/styles etc, but why is it nessecery to have difficult elements within the music to make it a good album? It isn’t. Music isn’t about how hard it is, it’s about what people like, and what sounds good, and if you don’t rate the album or like it then that’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that. But, it does not give you the right to write a petty review slating the band on every aspect suggesting that you know everything about everything.

    So when you write an already succsesful album with meaningful lyrical content and become a substantial figure and talking point in the music industry then I’ll be sure to give your review some respect and not just think of it as a sad lonely being with nothing better to do than slate bands he doesn’t like. If you hate it so much, then spend the time you take to hate Attack Attack! And listen to your own music which I’m sure is really meaningful and full of emotion and really difficult to play!

    • KillHipsters


      I am aware of the concept of this album but felt there was nothing special about the concept to speak about it. He isn’t literally talking about a solider at war, war is a generic metaphor that has been used numerous times by other artists before Attack Attack! and it’ll be used by other artists besides Attack Attack! in the future.

      Your comment insinuates that Caleb himself would know what it’s like to be a solider, and that Caleb would know what it feels like, even if he means it literally he is only interpreting other peoples feelings and not a true soldiers point of view. I read this little description on an online store about the album – “This Means War” is a concept record about war and the emotional hold it has over a solider who’s fighting against everything and everyone.?

      My take on the concept is take it is a metaphor to describe the war between Attack Attack! and Of Mice & Men who have been trying to out-brutal each other ever since Austin started OF&M. This album is a jab at Of Mice & Men, but it’s sort of like the equivelant of stabbing someone with a piece of string as opposed to a javelin. Caleb isn’t literally talking about war, it’s a metaphor and nothing more.

      The war concept is not a new thing, it’s been done numerous times by punk bands especially. It does not make this album special, Alesana is a band that can take a concept and run with it, same with Thrice, but AA! well not really. Attack Attack! will and always be a generic band imitating others instead of finding their own sound.

      As said in this review, their previous album was pretty bad but overall it felt more cohesive, less arogant and more brutal. I liked tracks on the self-titled and I still do, I’m not ashamed to say that. I like nothing on this album, it’s an album that essentially houses one big track.

      I bring up the fact there are no technical elements because well, they’re using 8-string guitars. Most artists that I am aware of that use 8-string guitars don’t just chug on them, what’s the point of getting 2 more strings if you’re using it to make the same sounds a 6-string can make? You don’t need to be technical to sound good, I want to hear more than recycled chugs.

      I am not suggesting that I know everything, but on things like production quality it doesn’t take an expert to differentiate between good production and bad production quality. I am also a guitarist who has been playing various types of metal and rock for about 9 years now, so I feel like my nit-picking on guitar techniques and tunings is somewhat warranted, that doesn’t mean I think I am better than other guitarists though. Things would be a little different if I myself didn’t play an instrument and I started commenting on things like that.

      This review as harsh as it reads is not an attack (excuse the pun) on Attack Attack! it’s merely the truth wrapped in immature toilet analogies which I think suits the immature breakdown sound of Attack Attack’s new album. This is not a personal vendetta, I’m not the only one saying bad things about how generically bad this album sounds., Sputnik and various blogs are all saying the same thing in various ways.

      It’s true, I’m not in a band that is anywhere near as popular or successful as Attack Attack! but yet again, artists like Britney Spears are popular and successful yet that doesn’t mean she writes great music so your argument is flawed. And the aged old argument of you can’t talk and criticise because you’re not as famous and successful is irrelevant, I guarantee that 99% of all music reviewers themselves aren’t in a successful band writing as you say “meaningful lyrics” either, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

  • Kieran Johnson

    I respect your opinion, I don’t agree with it but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I think it is somewhat unfair to write a review as harsh as this. I understand a lot of the songs are similar (with regards to structure) and perhaps Caleb doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and the concept of war has been done before but surely that’s not something to criticise? The most common lyrical content across pretty much every genre is sex, drugs, money and relationships etc, and granted the common culprits are pop artists, but it sells records, people understand it. My point is, it’s not physically possible for every single artist in the world to write about a different concept. And I think this is partially why you perhaps don’t like the music. You say it’s badly produced and isn’t technical etc, which is fine, but perhaps the fact you think this is a battle between AA! and OF&M and that the concept has been used before takes your concentration away from the music? Perhaps it doesn’t. But it seems that way to me. It’s similar to The King Blues and Enter Shikari, in the vast majority of reviews about ES’s new album ‘ a flash flood of colour’ the album is compared and related to Punk and Poetry. But for me this doesn’t make me think badly about ‘a flash flood of colour’ just because ‘Punk and Poetry’ talked about similar issues as well. The albums are completely different and I like them both for their individuality and lyrical content. Relating this back to my initial point, I think it’s important not to dislike something because it has been done before, it simply isn’t possible for every band to be different, that’s why we have genre’s and sub-genre’s! I didn’t reply with regards to the production and technical discussions of the comments because I think they are a matter of opinion and personal preference. After all, music is all just personal preference and taste.

  • Jacob

    I respectfully disagree with you πŸ˜› Kinda harsh review, but I see what you mean, they have to some extent lost what made them unique on their s/t. However, the lyrics are in fact well thought out, and its imo kinda unfair to say what you did ha Each to their own though I suppose πŸ™‚ Your not the first to slag off this album lol btw they used 7 strings on this album, in drop G mostly, and drop F for 2 songs πŸ™‚

  • Sam1234

    No offence, but you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about on the production front. Caleb Shomo’s production is fucking incredible, rivals Joey Sturgis… You have no idea how difficult it is to get a sound as good as Attack Attack have. Stop insulting them and write a proper review, can’t stand people like you.

    • KillHipsters

      U MAD BRO?

      In all seriousness, I cannot believe you just went there and compared the production of a 20 year old bedroom taught producer who hasn’t been producing that long and has only produced a few albums to Joey Sturgis who has produced some of the best albums in the metal/rock genre…

      Compare some of Joey’s awesomely produced albums to Attack Attack!’s latest album and you’ll hear that Joey is the pro and Caleb is the kid who learned to use pro tools, mic up a drumkit and click record. Seriously, listen to Depths by Oceano or even the Zombie EP by The Devil Wears Prada or better yet compare the production Joey did on the self-titled Attack Attack! album all the way back in 2010 and hear how much better it is.

      Every ounce of production knowledge Caleb has is imitated from Joey anyway, the rest probably from Youtube videos and forum posts. Maybe in 10-15 years time if Caleb is still producing he’ll know more and then be considered a decent producer.

      So, yes I do know what I am on about. I’m not the first and only person to point out the bad production on this album in a review, or are everyone else as clueless as you say I am?

  • Joel

    why would you give this 1 out of 10? attack attacks first two albums were gay fucking technocore. Now theyve accualy matured and turned into a good band, i just dont see what the fuck is wrong with you

    • KillHipsters

      If I were to review their first two albums, I’d rate them a 0 out of 10. A 1 out of 10 seems fair on this occasion.

  • “We just wanted something — not necessarily easy to write about — but a broad spectrum. World War II kind of came into it a bit later. It’s a metaphor. We feel like we’re fighting our own war within the music industry and with everybody -β€” kids, other bands, labels -β€” all that.”

    Excerpt from Guitar World interview.

    Good call KillHipsters

  • Jared

    This is probably the funniest review I have ever read. The only song I like is The Family. Other than that, shitty album from a band I was really looking forward to seeing progress.

  • LOL

    This is kinda the best review I’ve ever read! xD

  • Aj

    Wow, dude, if your so unhappy with life that you’ve wrote a review like this just go kill yourself man ha, I feel bad for your anguish

  • nick

    Attack attack was my favorite band for the longest time until this album came out. honestly to me the entire CD sounds like one really crappy song and sounds absolutely nothing like the CD before it at all if someone had let me here it with out telling me it was them I never would have guessed. I thought the self titled album was great and I loved the techno sound to it but now they just sound like atreyu.