The ARIA Awards Are A Joke

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Want to hear a joke?

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
ARIA Awards

In all seriousness the ARIA Awards is a yearly event that awards and acknowledges Australian artists and bands, and that’s a good thing if your name is Gotye or Kimbra. Seriously, the 2011 ARIA Awards should have just been renamed, “Gotye and Kimbra Awards” because they’re about the only two people that got awards. Sure, there were a few other people getting awards too, but none as publicised.

I agree that the song, “Somebody That I Use To Know” is damn catchy and I like it, but worthy of what, 6 awards? Come on. How about awarding other talented Australian artists who might not be as mainstream, but equally as talented. Ever heard of a certain band called Confession? Where was there award, they’re an Australian band selling out shows overseas and in Australia, selling records like bosses and yet they get no acknowledgement.

The ARIA awards are nothing more than a lame attempt by Australia to have their own awards event. An event favouring only a select handful of artists with awards that are worth and mean nothing – Triple J do a better job of awarding the true artists of Australia with admiration and acknowledgement than the ARIA or any other awards could ever hope of giving.

  • AC

    You do realise that the other big winners of the night (Boy & Bear) are championed by Triple J? They aren’t mainstream.

    • KillHipsters

      Pfft. Gotye is championed by Triple J as well, still doesn’t change the fact that a slew of other talented Australian acts are ignored.