Future Music Festival, More Like Ecstasy Music Festival

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Australia has a lot of music festivals, too many I think. Anyway one of just many joke of a music festivals Australia puts its name to is the “Future Music Festival” and after just reading through the line-up it’s safe to say the line-up is worse than Courtney Love’s ex-lovers.

I get that metal, alternative and indie aren’t the only genres in the world and everyone is entitled to their own tastes, but seriously who listens to Fatboy Slim any more? He hasn’t had a hit radio song in at least 10 years and yet he’s playing.

Skrillex, don’t get me started on Skrillex. Although Sonny, oops I mean Skrillex will fit right in with the rest of the other fluoro wearing drug filled acts and attendee’s, it makes me sad that people are going to be paying money to see him.

Is anyone going to this festival? and if so, how much ecstasy are you planning to take to truly enjoy the Future Music Festival?