Five Finger Death Punch – American Capitalist: Album Review

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Five Finger Death Punch are commonly referred to as a metal band, but if you were to ask me I think the label “no bullshit, just metal” is more FFDP’s genre. Since entering the metal scene in 2007, Five Finger Death Punch have lost a lot of fans and made a whole lot more all in the space of 4 years and now 3 studio albums deep into their career.

American Capitalist first and foremost sounds basically the same as every other Five Finger Death Punch album ever released except for the fact the guitar work is tighter (especially the solos), the drum-work has improved and well the vocals still sound the same, but the vocals are one of the strong points of FFDP.

I hate to rip on the Five Finger guys so early on in this review, because I really like and respect their no bullshit approach to song-writing and musicianship, but American Capitalist (Five Finger’s third studio album) sounds like it has a whole bunch of recycled guitar riffs, not a whole album of recycled riffs luckily. I guess it’s just their thing, but the riffs sound heavily borrowed from previous albums, in some songs like the title track American Capitalist(One of my favourites on the album) it’s more obvious than others.

The opening and title track of the album American Capitalist is an awesome start to the album and a good indicator of what to expect from track 2 onwards. See if you can hear the references to their previous albums War Is The Answer and The Way Of The Fist.

American Capitalist feels like a concept album, although the guys said so in an interview that it is not a concept album, just an album with a general theme. The songs seem to flow in a way that it sounds like you’re listening to an album of songs chronicling the downfall of the US economy, with every song on the album touching on capitalist greed which is why they called it American Capitalist, of course, genius!

Much like their previous albums, especially their last album War Is The Answer, American Capitalist continues on the hate train towards American capitalistic ideals directly targeted at those who take from the world and never give anything back. Five Finger Death Punch take the direct approach going straight to the jugular attacking issues such as war and greed, and they do it so well vocalist Ivan Moody has a unique voice that works in unison with his pissed off lyrics.

One of my the best tracks on American Capitalist is definitely the track Under It And Over It it has that trademark FFDP anger, pissed off attitude and deep underlying message. The lyrics are incredibly catchy with Ivan yelling “Did you hear about the one about me being a punk? Did you hear about the one about me being a drunk and did you hear about the one about me losing my nerve or how I’m just another fucking sheep in the herd

I wasn’t a fan of the slow songs Coming Down and Remember Everything they are some of the weakest songs on the album in comparison to the other great tracks on the album. The slow tracks sound like something the band Hinder would write and I hate the band Hinder with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

I really enjoyed the track The Pride as well. It’s basically a song naming a whole bunch of brand names, with a catchy chorus hook “I’m not selling out, I’m buying in” which sums up what the song is about, capitalist companies cramming their brands down our throats.

For what Five Finger Death Punch lacks in the guitar originality they more than make up for it with their take no bullshit song-writing approach and message delivery. I really enjoyed this album, in-fact I am almost certain it’s their best album to date, I just need to listen to it a few more times to be sure.

The track I’ll Fall second last on the album is easily one of best tracks Five Finger Death Punch have ever written, it sounds like nothing they’ve ever really written before and it’s a refreshing change.

If you liked War Is The Answer you’ll like this album, if not then as FFDP said so themselves in the track Under And Over It, “Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna the know truth? C’est la vie, adios, good riddance, fuck you!“. American Capitalist comes out October 11th, 2011.

Rating: 7/10.

  • David

    I’m not trying to be a hardcore whiny fanboy, but im sure as hell a hardcore 5FDP fan. Although i can be honest and reasonable firstly, i listened to every riff from 5FDP and American capitalists riff is my favorite but doesnt sound like any other riff from any other song. as for the slow songs: to be a hardcore music fan, you have to look at it more than just a song “that Hinder would write”. look at it by the meaning. Coming Down is obvious and Remember me is a gesture to his parents who put him up for adoption, as well as Jason Hook who was found in a bunch of trash as a baby.

    And dude youve got the theme all wrong. it does have hate towards stuff, but not at Capitalism. They said so themselves the theme of the album was survival of the fittest as well as that Americans have so many freedoms in America yet they complain so much. The Guitarist Zolthan came from Hungary, a communist country. it took him three years to buy a guitar. now that hes here, hes loving life. although they do have hate and aggression towards things on this album, they praise the idea of survival of the fittest and working hard for high value things.

    Like in the Pride: “Ive got the scars to prove it, Only the strong survive.”

    I would rather people not get the wrong idea, especially on such a breath of fresh air like Five Finger Death Punch. How many bands got wide spread fame on their first album? not many. u dont get many good bands like them these days.

    • Deaf

      Wow David, are you deaf? FFDP’s last two albums sounded identical and American Capitalist? It sounds just like War Is The Answer. The sweeping palm mute thing they do makes all of their songs sound the damn same.

      He doesn’t have the theme entirely wrong, how many reviewers actually research what the theme of an album is ESPECIALLY when American Capitalist is not even a concept album? When I listened to it I thought the exact same thing, corporate greed. I agree with the survival references though David, but it just feels like it further proves that maybe he’s referencing the fact that the rich capitalists wouldn’t survive out in the real world.

      Killhipsters got it right, pretty close infact because you only need to listen to the song the pride you referenced in your comment to hear the brand names he’s using, how do brand names relate to survival? Capitalism and the fact that the capitalist overlords wouldn’t survive in the real world if they had to actually work.

      You both got it right, there’s no wrong answer here. You’re over analyzing the albums message just a bit too much I think, this is probably the most indepth and best review I’ve read on this album, so be grateful he didn’t give it a bad score which would give people the wrong idea moreso than the reviewer not coming to the same meaning conclusion as you.

    • KillHipsters

      FFDP’s new album is pretty good and while my comparison of the riffs may have been a little over the top, I still stand by that remark. As Deaf above put it, the sweeping palm muted guitar thing they do in basically every track is one reason a lot of their songs sound the same as previous material.

      I do agree about the survival theme as well, and didn’t voice that in my review but as pointed out this isn’t a concept album so researching what an album is about kind of defeats the purpose of self-interpreting the meaning of it and makes the review not really a review.

      I appreciate you commenting though and your opinion. I think we’ll just agree to disagree on everything brought up.

    • Duggabergger

      FFDP is amazing One of the greatest bands ever. I think FFDP is trying to tell everyone how mest up america is now in days. but in a year or two they are going to be one of the most known bands around the world.

  • ODeusGrego

    I like your review, I agree that it sounds similar to the last album. (@ Deaf, their first two albums are DEF not identical) But something that 5FDP has going for them is their sound is different from that of any other band. I love love love metal, (Trivium, Lamb of God, Metallica, Pantera, The Agony Scene, etc.) and no other metal band has a sound quite as brutal, yet still melodic. Its hard for me to describe what I hear with them, but for me, its a style of music that gets me going WAY more than any other band I listen to. It is probably just the style of music that fits my taste the best. I think they are developing their sound still, and War is the Answer started a cool change and this album is a continuation of that development. These guys will be one of the bands that in 20 years you look back and say, “Damn, I am lucky to have been around when they were starting up.”

    • Duggabergger

      Very true robert very true. i hope FFDP keeps making killer albums.

    • Duggabergger

      Very true robert very true. i hope FFDP keeps making killer albums. now i dont know about you guys but a true fan does not compare wich album is better they only talk about how amzing the band is and the albums are!!!!!!!!!

  • dejay

    i agree i love ffdp and this album is good real good but i still would have to go with that they are running to many riffs to sound the same especially way of the fist by far my favorite album i think this album is good but not as good as the messages in way of the fist but i still love them keep it up guys and cant wait for the next album

  • Aussiesk8tr

    So im going to a FFDP concert monday night (which is going to be the second concert they play since their new album has been out) but anyway, i love them to death, but they are going to be playing in one of the crappiest venues ever. the accoustics are terrible and most bands that play there (light rock) you can barely hear what they are playing.. But since five finger death punch is playing there, and their heavy style of music, im afraid that you wont be able to tell what is going on, and with most of their guitar riffs sounding similar, it is going to be hard to distinguish songs from each other apart from the vocals. And a lot of these songs on this new album sound the same and im guessing they are going to mainly play those, which is kinda gonna suck in a sense >.>

  • Killpopkulture

    they lost me on this one. Id rather go back to Motograter.

    • Duggabergger

      Are you an idiot? motogratyer sucks compare to Five Finger Death Punch is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Duggabergger

      I mean motograter sucks compared to Five Finger Death Punch

  • I say fuck comparing what album was better or worse if your a fan then your a fan. Everyone has there own way of understanding lyrics and relating to them. I can honestly say I’m a huge fan and in one way or another I’ve related to so many of there songs. Keep them coming no matter what you guys ponder up next I’m sure it will be great. Five finger death punch fuck ya.

    • KillHipsters

      Damn right Robert, completely agree. The review I posted is my opinion, I’m not telling people what they should like or think, I’m telling everyone what I think incite you to buy or listen to the album yourselves and form your own opinions. Bottom line is everything aside from what I said in this review, it’s a good album.

  • BOOM

    FUCKING FINNALY! a review that isnt done by some narrow minded cunt whos voicing there dislike for the band then actually reviewing it. but yeh this is a very well done review man and il agree the sweeping palm mute makes them sound simmiler but iwouldnt say there all the exact same

  • TK

    Okay, these comments are rather ridiculous. I loved 5FDP’s Way of the Fist. However, once War is the Answer came out, I realized A LOT of their riffs are indeed regurgitated. If you can’t hear this, you need to get the fucking wax out of your ears. Now, we got American Capitalist. The title track is more regurgitation. I’m sorry for you obvious tone-deaf that can’t differentiate that 5FDP’s palm-muted power chord triplet riffs are indeed essentially the same. I’m not saying that American Capitalist doesn’t have some good song-writing, BUT they need to get off of this aforementioned palm-muted power chord triplet riff masturbation. It got old on the way of the fist, and they’re still doing it. It’s not original at all.