Changing The Face of Online Music Blogging

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The whole purpose of starting Kill Hipsters was to create something unlike anything else out there. A blog that had an opinion even if it were biased or simply wrong, opinions of modern music and occasionally music of the past. We’ve come to realise in the few short months of running this site, we’ve posted countless reviews, a few interviews and info from media press releases. The initial goal of this site has not been met, not even close.

A shake up is coming to the site starting from this post. Rather than being like every other blog that are merely puppets for publishers and record labels, we will be writing more opinion pieces and stuff that no other site seems to be writing about. It’s sad, you go to any popular or semi-popular online music blog and it’s all the same. We’ve been more than guilty of being puppets in terms of press releases and whatnot, and while posting press releases and other mundane info everyone else posts will continue, we’ll just be adding more original material.

We will also be adding more writers to the site each with their own unique personalities boasting conservative to borderline psychopathic writing styles each using their own monikers. A redesign is also not out of the question for the site, but feedback on the current design has been mostly positive with people liking the simplicity of the site and the no bull-crap approach to showing off the content.

If you would like to write for us, get in contact via our contact page and we’ll get something sorted out.