Nickelback Announce New Album, HAVEN’T WE SUFFERED ENOUGH?

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The very thought of a new Nickelback album gives me the urge to hurt cute little kittens out of spite, anger and the sick feeling the word Nickelback gives me every time I see or hear it. They’re planning on releasing a new album and no I refuse to name it and I especially refuse to even tell you when it is being released. All I know is it’s going to rape your ears and simultaneously suck at the same time.

Please, Mr Kroeger haven’t we suffered enough? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (or equivalent) PLEASE RECONSIDER, NICKELBACK.

PS. If you’re wondering what their new album will sound like, download any of their last two albums and it’ll sound the same (same lyrics, same monotone Chad Kroeger voice and same boring E standard radio friendly guitar riffs).