A Quick Interview With Comedy Metal Band, “Psychostick”

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We recently got to ask comedy metal veterans Psychostick a few questions, mostly serious ones about touring their new album and even touched on who would win a fight against Chuck Norris and the meaning of life. A nice straight to the point interview.

How did Psychostick come to be, who met who and helped form what?

Josh and I (Rawrb) met in high school because we were a couple of dorks with nothing better to do. We started up “Asinine” and eventually changed it to Psychostick after he and I moved to Phoenix. There we met Alex through the newspaper there (back when people used newspapers, heh) via a classified ad he put out looking for a band. Matt, our newest guy, was inducted in 2010 thanks to Billy Rhymer in Dillinger Escape Plan, whom he’s best friends with.

Has Psychostick always been a comedy metal band or was Psychostick originally something else?

We’ve always been comedy metal, though in the past we tended to focus more on the metal part and not so much the comedy. We’ve learned over the years that focusing more on comedy makes for better songs for some reason. At least it does with us. πŸ™‚

If you guys were to ever release a concept album, what do you think the concept would be?

Sandwich is the closest thing to a concept album we’ve released since most of the songs are about food. We’ve got some other ideas in the works. Can’t really discuss them though. πŸ™‚

If Psychostick and Chuck Norris crossed paths in a dark alley one night, who do you think would win?

Chuck Norris. We’re a bunch of pansies.

What comes first the music or the lyrics and who writes most of the material?

Lyrics and ideas come first, then the music supports the concepts. We pretty much all contribute now, but Josh is the “music major” and knows the most about chord structures, time signatures, etc.

The new album feels like a much more polished effort than previous releases, is this the way forward for you guys?

Yeah, we’ve discovered that sometimes less is more, which for some reason really worked out for this new CD. Hell, I was worried that people would hate it because it’s so much shorter than Sandwich or WCTOAT. Turns out people don’t need 75 minute long epic albums; they just want music. Makes sense.

The song “Sad Face :(” is probably one of my favourites on the new album, were the lyrics based on real Facebook status updates?

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Are you guys planning on ever making an appearance in Australia? (I’ve heard rumours you might be playing Soundwave Festival 2012)

Rumors huh? Sadly they’re just rumors; we’ve never been contacted or talked to anyone in charge of that event about playing. We’d love to play it. Just gotta get the dough to make it over there. We’re not very rich, which is why we’re holding a fundraiser to get a new trailer right now.

How would you describe Psychostick in one sentence to someone who’s never heard a Psychostick song before?

Comedy metal. That usually is enough to peak interest.

What is Psychostick’s stance on piracy?

It’s hard to say really. You can either fight it or accept it. We’d be hypocrites if we were against it; every single one of us “borrowed” music from the internet before. Personally it’s more of a promotional tool because you can’t download a live concert experience, AND you can’t download a shirt. If people steal your music online and they like you, there’s a huge chance they’ll eventually buy something from you.

Where do you guys see Psychostick in 5 years?


Have any of the bands you parodied on your latest album contacted / sued you yet?

Nope, we got their blessing before we recorded it. They’ve been very nice about it.

What is the meaning of life?

Deep Dish Pizza and Video Games.

What is the bands favourite venue to play and what is one of the worse venues you guys have ever played?

Our favorite is The Machine Shop in Flint, MI. They’ve got the venue thing nailed DOWN. Our least favorite is Zakk’s Coffee House in Murfreesboro, NC. If you can think of something a venue can do wrong, they’ve done it.

The song “Hate Times 8” on your new album, was that taking the piss out of anyone / band in particular?

Nope, just a goofy song about hating stuff. Heh.